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Fenrir Pupdate 4


Our first Fenrir pupdate of 2016!  It's been awhile since I've updated the Fenrir diaries.  When I started this series I actually wanted to update a lot more frequently, but, as it often does, life got in the way.  If you want to check out any of the prior installments of the FenFen chronicles you can click here.  I'm going to try to update these more often going forward.

uuuuuuuuDecember 31st, 2015: How crazy is it that our little man is 5 months old already?  I think it's been about a month since I last blogged specifically about Fen's progress.  Fen hasn't grown all that much bigger physically in the past month, but psychologically he's growing in leaps and bounds.

I'm still his favorite person, but he's getting more confident and less shy around strangers.  Training is going well.  I still wouldn't call him 100% potty trained as he does occasionally still have accidents inside - but when it happens it's my fault, not his.

He is teething!  All his little baby teeth in the front fell out and have already been replaced by adult teeth.  He still has his baby canine teeth and molars, so we still have a ways to go with teething, but so far so good.  He's really not a destructive puppy at all.  That's probably, in part, due to the crazy number of toys and chews we have here.

Fen and Kit are doing really well together.  I do still separate them at night and for part of the day - but they spend time each day together and also go on 3+ walks together each day.  My fiance currently has time off work for the holidays so he's been spending a lot of time playing with the pups.  Today he got Kit and Fen to actually play with a ball together.  Up until today they've been so preoccupied with chasing/wrestling each other that we couldn't get them to play with toys together.

January 10th: Mr. Fenrir is doing very well!  He's still teething, but hasn't gotten his teeth on anything of consequence.  Earlier this week I was in the kitchen playing with Fen and all of a sudden he stopped playing, spit a molar out next to my foot, then just carried on playing again.  My little slugger.

Speaking of kitchen.  I bought this gate (but in black) and it is making my life so much easier!  Basically, Fenrir isn't fully potty trained yet (we're working on it) but I don't like leaving him in his crate too much.  We like gating him in our kitchen because it's puppy proofed, and the floor is easy to clean if he has any accidents.  For awhile we got away with using just a regular baby gate but then, a couple of weeks ago, Fenrir started jumping over the gates!

For a couple of weeks I was using double baby gates stacked one on top of the other!  It did the job of keeping Fen safe in the kitchen but was a huge pain to move every time someone wanted to go in or out of that room.  Now Fen can't jump the extra tall gate and it has a swing door that we can use to go in and out of the kitchen.  So much nicer than regular baby gates!

Fen actually does really well being left alone in the kitchen or in his crate for short periods of time.  Sometimes he'll whine a little bit but it's nothing excessive.  When he's in the kitchen I give him lots of toys and he's good at keeping himself entertained while I work.  I'm so proud of him.  I hear a lot about how his breed is prone to separation anxiety, and he does prefer to be with me whenever possible, but is learning that it's okay to be alone sometimes too.

444February 1st: Fenrir is 6 months old now!  It's just insane how quickly puppies grow.  I feel like it was just last week we were bringing home tiny baby Fen, but already he's half a year old.  He's changed so much in the short time we've had him - both physically and mentally.  Physically he's, of course, gotten bigger.  Fenrir was just a couple of pounds when we got him and is now tipping the scale (ha) at around 8 lbs.  His fur looks completely different now than it did when we got him, and he lost his last baby tooth last week!

ssssssssssMentally he's gone from a shy baby to being quite an outgoing little pup.  He loves going for walks, especially to our local park where he gets to meet other dogs, and, at least most of the time, he's brave when it comes to meeting new people.  He loves playing with toys, playing chase with his big brother, and has learned quite a few new tricks/skills since we got him.  Right now we're working on 'stay', loose leash walking, and a few less important tricks.

Watching Fenrir grow over the last couple of months has been so much fun.  I'm looking forward to continuing our journey together - watching him continue to grow and learn.  Part of me gets a bit sad when I think about him growing up so fast - I so love having a puppy around.  But then I look at my older dog, Kitsune, who at 7 years old now is still playful and happy to learn new things, and I'm reminded that Fenrir and I are still at the beginning of what is going to be a lifetime long journey of learning and love.


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