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B is for Banana


BB is for Banana but...

I had a hard time choosing what food to use for B.  The first food that came to mind was beef, which both of my dogs eat on a pretty regular basis.  But then the dogs ended up kind of choosing the B food for themselves.  I was eating breakfast the other day, and both of my boys where underfoot begging for what else, pieces of my banana.

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So bananas it is!

This is going to be an ongoing theme with these food posts, but you want to make sure not to feed bananas in excess - moderation is key!  Bananas are high in natural sugars so should be counted as a treat food.  Too many bananas can cause constipation.  Also, never feed your dog banana peels.  They are very difficult to digest, for dogs especially, and can cause blockages.

Otherwise, bananas are safe for your furry friend to consume!  My dogs love them plain, but they make a great addition to dog treat recipes as well.

What are the Benefits of Feeding bananas?

hhhMost people already know that bananas are high in potassium, which is great for both muscles and blood vessel function.  They also contain lots of fiber (we all know what that's good for!), vitamin C, vitamin B6, biotin, and magnesium.

Eating bananas can help support your pup's immune system, and promotes skin and fur health.  They are full of antioxidants and may help to maintain healthy blood pressure.

Due to how soft they are, it's easy to mush a banana to add to your dog's food or in a treat recipe.  Or, like I do, you can just offer your pup a piece of your breakfast banana.

Do Dogs Even Like Bananas?


Both of my dogs love bananas!  They beg for them like they would a meaty treat.  But not all dogs like them.  If you're not sure whether your dog likes them or not, it would probably be a good idea to offer a piece of plain banana before going through all the trouble of mixing them into food or baking them into treats.  Like with all new foods, go slowly when introducing your pet to bananas for the first time.


  • The boys will only eat tiny pieces but definitely don't mind it. 🙂

    • I usually only give my boys small pieces. When I was researching for this post I found quite a few people online saying that their dogs won't eat bananas. It surprised me a bit, since my dogs have always really enjoyed them.

  • catchatcaren

    Dakota loves bananas too but we don't let him have them too often DakotasDen

    • I try not to give it to my boys too often. It's hard because I eat bananas pretty often, and they are expert beggars!

  • Ashley

    Oh yes, my Romeo LOVES bananas!!! I mean, absolutely loves them. Lily, not so much but likes other fruits and veggies. I just read giving dogs human food 3x a week decreases their chance of getting cancer! - Visiting from the A-Z blog challenger,

    • Kitsune LOVES human food, fruit included. My puppy is, so far, a really picky eater. He'll sometimes eat fruit and veggies and other times will show 0 interest. A lot of people think giving human food to dogs is bad but there are lots of foods that are actually quite good for them! Thanks for stopping by, I'll check out your blog too. 🙂

  • That’s Purrfect

    I have a cat and she won't eat fruit - but she eats custard, ice cream and just about anything savoury that's on a human's plate! That's Purrfect

  • Scarlett Braden

    Fruit of any kind has been hard for me and my pup until I recently found she likes watermelon of all things! I enjoyed your blog and hope you are having fun with the A to Z.
    @ScarlettBraden from



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