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New Gecko Pictures

ppppI'm going to ::try:: to keep my 'Wordless" Wednesday posts a bit more wordless this month.  We'll see how that goes.  This week, I wanted to share a couple of new pictures of my leopard geckos, Aurora and Miyuki!

Here's Aurora...




And a couple pictures of the ladies climbing on one of Kitsune's toys...




That was surprisingly wordless!  For anyone interested, I got that plush bear on Amazon.  It's currently one of Kitsune's favorite toys, although he snuggles with it more than actually playing with it.

The gecko girls are doing really well!  Their tanks are heated, of course, but they both always seem to enjoy when the weather outside warms up.  I'll have to try to take some new videos of them soon.  They've both been pretty active lately.

3 thoughts on “New Gecko Pictures

  1. Sarah

    I am glad to see someone else who struggles with the "wordless" portion of "Wordless Wednesday" - I can't even do it, because I am apparently unable to actually post a picture without words/some explanation!

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