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F is for Fish

ppppFNobody likes fish breath...

But my dogs both love fish!  Luckily the humans here are willing to put up with stinky doggy breath so that the boys can enjoy their tasty fishy snacks.  I mentioned the other day that I made my dogs dehydrated fish treats.  Making them made our apartment smell horrible, but the boys have been enjoying the treats so much that dealing with the stench for a few hours felt like a small price to pay. 

ssssssssssHow Else Can you Feed Fish?

Don't want to deal with smelling fishageddon, but still want to offer your pooch a scaly snack?  Don't worry, fish doesn't have to be dried to be enjoyed by dogs!

I feed fish most often as treats.  Many raw feeders feed fish (yes, raw), but there are some precautions you'll want to take to avoid parasites.  Do some research on Salmon Poisoning Disease before feeding fish raw.  If you eat fish yourself, you can offer your pet pieces of plain, cooked fish.

I know there are many different types of fish.  I see sardines recommended most often for dogs, and this is what I often offer mine.  You can feed tinned/canned sardines, but make sure to buy them packed in water and not in oil.  My local market sells frozen sardines as well, which is what I often use to make the boys treats.

What are the Benefits of Feeding Fish Anyways?

ffffOmega-3 fatty acids!  Need I say more?  Maybe not, but I type a lot!  Omega-3 fatty acids, such as DHA and EPA, benefit dogs in a number of ways.  The most important way, in my opinion at least, is that they are great for your dog's joints and can help improve mobility.

My beloved Kitsune is only 7 years old, and it's my hope that we have many many many (I can't say many enough times here) more years together - but already he has been experiencing some joint issues/arthritis.  This is the main reason why I like feeding him fish.

But wait, there's more!  Omega-3s can also help reduce inflammation, and may help to boost the immune system.  This can be beneficial to dog's suffering from allergies.  Omegas also help support brain health.  Probably the most commonly known benefit of giving your dog Omega-3s is that they are great for the skin and fur.

Supplemental Feeding Only

Are you getting sick of my "in moderation" comments yet!?  In general, the key to a healthy dog diet is verity!  Fish alone won't provide everything your pet needs to thrive.  In addition, fish now commonly contains Mercury, so you don't want to feed it in excess.  If you want the benefits of Omega-3s without having to deal with feeding fish, there's always fish oil supplements.  But supplements are a story for a whole 'nother post...


Does your dog like fish?  How do you prepare it for them?

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  • greyzoned at Angels Bark Blog

    I love Fish Oil pills. My boys get 3 fish oil pills per day. They eat them like treats but I usually just put them in their food in the mornings.
    That's a good idea with the sardines. I'll have to get some. Thanks for that!

    Michele at Angels Bark

    • Thanks for your comment! I give Kitsune fish oil pills too, in addition to the occasional fish treat.

      • greyzoned at Angels Bark Blog

        I just bought a big package of sardines at Costco today, thanks to your post! Picasso and Luca thank you.. 🙂

  • EM Biddulph

    What lovely photos of your dog! This is a very informative and useful post - I'm often on the lookout for ways to improve my dogs' diets. I hadn't thought about using tinned sardines in water before, but it's probably worth making up a few treats! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Nice idea for the F-post. If I had a dog, it wouldn't get any fish at all because I'd probably eat it up myself! Fish is a staple in my region. 🙂

    Best wishes,


    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016


    • Thank you! I'm a vegetarian now, but I used to eat a lot of fish too. I have to admit, I get a bit jealous sometimes giving fish to the dogs.

  • Great post! I am here for bonus challenge. I am now following. Happy blogging! Best Wishes,


    My A2Z @ Annette's Place | Follow Me On Twitter

  • Sati

    My girls (miniature dachshunds) love salmon. So whenever we cook it, I share with them, especially the skin. 🙂 Will have to think about sardines. Cute blog & dog--thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for stopping by! My boys love salmon too, but I don't give it to them that often - only because it's expensive here.


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