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W is for Watermelon

ppppWSummer Is Coming.  Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

Chilled watermelon is one of my favorite summertime snacks.  Of course at our house, you can't eat without an audience.  If I'm eating something healthy, and pet safe, I'll often share a bite or two of my snack with my little buddies.  I had pet rabbits long before I ever got my first dog, and most of my rabbits over the years have loved watermelon.  Sometimes I seriously wonder if Kit thinks he's a bunny.  He begs for fruit and veggies just as enthusiastically as he does meats.   

Well luckily for Kit, watermelon is safe for dogs.  You should feed your dog the red part of the melon, aka the part people also enjoy, and avoid feeding seeds or rind.

What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Dogs Watermelon

As the name suggests watermelons are mostly water.  This is one of the reasons why they make such good summer snacks.  Munching on watermelon is a sweet way to re-hydrate when it's hot outside.

Watermelon is also a source of vitamins A, B, and C.  It also contains antioxidants and amino acids.  Lycopene and choline in watermelon may help to reduce inflammation.  Watermelon contains fiber that can help the GI tract function normally and Vitamin A helps to support healthy skin and fur.

How To Feed Watermelon

Easy enough - I just cut it into pieces and feed it plain.  Don't overdo it - too much of anything, even fruit, can cause GI upset.  Like I already mentioned, avoid feeding seeds and watermelon rind.


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Have you ever let your dog try watermelon?  Does he/she like it?

2 thoughts on “W is for Watermelon

  1. greyzoned at Angels Bark Blog

    My dogs love watermelon. All of my dogs have liked it and I'm looking forward to summer so I can get a big watermelon and share with them!
    Good to know all the nutritional values and why its a good treat for the pups. Thanks for that.

    Michele at Angels Bark

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