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May Barnaby Update

ppppIt's been awhile since I last posted an update about Sir Barnaby.  In April the A to Z blog challenge kept me busy and that, of course, was focused on the dogs.  I had originally planned to keep up my regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule in addition to posting challenge posts in April but that didn't end up working out so well.  I've had a few people asking about Barnaby lately - especially since I've been hinting around that he's been dealing with some health issues, so I figured I'd update and let everyone know how he's doing.

aaaaBarnaby is 9, almost 9 and 1/2, years old now.  There's no getting around it, he's in his senior years.  The average lifespan of a domestic house rabbit is usually somewhere between 8 and 12 years.  After we celebrate his birthday this year he'll be right in the middle of that range.

Of course age is a progressive thing.  But with Barnaby, in a lot of ways, I feel like it kind of snuck up on us.  He's always been a really healthy rabbit, and it wasn't until Poppet passed away last December that he really started struggling.  He was obviously very depressed over her loss.  He wasn't eating well, and developed an upper respiratory infection.  We got him through that and for awhile, things started looking up.

Unfortunately his return to good health didn't last very long.  In kind of a freak incident, Barnaby's right eye was punctured by a particularly sharp piece of hay.  It went through his cornea and caused a corneal ulcer.  Our amazing rabbit vet was able to sedate him, remove the hay, and clean up his eye a bit, which was good and very necessary, but Barnaby did not do well under anesthesia.  Luckily the vet was able to revive him but the whole situation left me very uneasy.  We weren't sure how his eye was going to fair and the vet was talking about potentially having to remove it.  That would mean having to put him under anesthesia again, for an even longer time, and both his vet and I were unsure if he'd be able to survive that.

The vet let me bring him home right away with the understanding that I was pretty much going to have to nurse him night and day.  He was on quite a few medications for his eye and they needed to be administrated every couple of hours around the clock.  It wasn't exactly fun, but I was determined to give his eye the best chance possible of healing - if for no other reasons than to avoid having to have it removed.


The good news is that his eye healed well enough that we didn't have to have it removed.  The bad news is that it healed with quite a bit of scar tissue and Barnaby is blind in that eye.  He's not in any pain!  In fact, the past couple of weeks especially Barnaby has been doing really well.  He's been eating like a champ, still loves running around his room in the evenings, and uses his one good eye to watch as much TV as I'll let him!

I'll try harder to post about Barnaby more often.  Sometimes it's hard for me to write about stuff I'm stressed about.  During the worst of Barnaby's eye issues I wasn't getting much sleep, and was very worried about potentially having to face the possibility of loosing him.  It's been hard for me to post pictures of him because he hasn't really been looking his best.  His fur has been looking messy, mainly because he got a series of bad haircuts to keep hair out of his eyes, but still often managed to get his eye medicine in his fur.  His one eye looks different now, but not anywhere near as bad as it looked after he first hurt it.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been asking about Barnaby!  Having a senior pet, especially one dealing with health issues, is an adventure for sure.  I'm so happy that Barnaby was able to overcome everything he's been through over the past 6 months to return to being my hoppy little buddy!


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