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New Picture/Video of Aurora & Miyuki


I feel like, over the years, Paw Print Pet Blog has morphed into being more of a dog blog than anything else.  I spend a lot of time each day with Kit and Fen, so a lot of my blog posts are inspired by them.  I love my dogs an insane amount, there's no getting around that, but people who have known me for a long time know that I've always had a passion for exotic pets.

I haven't posted much about Aurora and Miyuki lately.  They are such easy pets to care for that I don't often think of post ideas that involve them.  In addition to that, even when I take them out of their tanks they are laid back and not all that active, which makes them easy to handle but doesn't make for many amazing photo/video opts.

Since I've been posting lots about the dogs, and devoted much of last week to posting about Barnaby, I figured a post about my gecko girls was a bit overdue.

They are both doing really well.  Miyuki will be 5 years old next month, which is a bit crazy to think about since she was hatched here.  It doesn't feel at all like 5 years have passed already!

I keep going back and forth trying to decide if I want to redo the girls' tanks or not.  On one hand, redesigning their homes is always a lot of fun and they look a little bit better each time I work on them.  On the other hand, when I do major redesigns I usually end up spending quite a bit of money.  My fiance and I have some major purchases of our own (notably a car) that we're thinking of making in the near future, so I've been trying to be a bit more conservative with my money.

Lately I've been considering upgrading (size wise) the girls' tanks, if I can find the space, so I feel like putting a lot of time and money into the tanks they are in now might not be a good idea.  Plus, it's not like they are unhappy with the way their tanks are now.  I think I might keep them as is for now and reevaluate the situation after we get some of our other major purchases/expenses out of the way.

Either way, the girls are happy and healthy.  The weather here is supposed to get up over 85*F today, so I'm sure they'll love that.  I want to try posting new pictures/posts/videos of the geckos more often but seem to have a hard time thinking of what to post about them.  If anyone has any good ideas - good video ideas, topic ideas, questions, or things you'd like to learn more about when it comes to keeping geckos as pets, comment below!

  • (Miss) Edie the Pug

    I don't know much - anything really about gecko's. But they are pretty cool looking. In addition to Miss Edie, we have 2 cats and in the past 6 months have acquired a 75 gallon aquarium with some colourful fish. I find myself sitting and watching them swim around and find in quite relaxing. I would love to learn more about your gecko girls!

    • I miss keeping aquariums! I had quite a few at one point but slowly took them down as my aquatic pet numbers decreased (I kept mostly fish and aquatic frogs). We live in an upper story apartment and once one of my aquariums leaked and damaged the apartment below us. After that I decided no more aquariums until we own a house of our own.
      I do have posts about the geckos if you want to search back, but I'll also try to post new things about them in the future. Thanks for your comment.

  • Nichole

    OMD - That first image is just too cute!

    • Thank you! The pumpkin plush is a dog toy, lol, but it happened to be next to me on the floor when I had the geckos out so I used it as a prop.

  • They are so cute playing on the pumpkin. Maybe you can find a deal on a larger tank. They look very happy.

    • The problem isn't so much the money but the space! The girls are in separate tanks so I'd have to find new spots for two larger tanks. Not an easy task in our current apartment, we're getting a bit strained for space. Thanks for your comment!

  • Kia

    How cool! Love the photo 🙂 They do seem very chill by the video.

    • They totally are. Especially now that they are both older and used to being handled. Thanks so much for your comment.

  • Kitty Cat Chronicles

    How cool! Even though the video "wasn't exciting" as you said, I enjoyed it. Just because seeing leopard geckos is different and new! I think people would enjoy just seeing photos and videos of them, because how often does anyone get to see a leopard gecko? 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment 🙂 I like having the photos/videos of them for myself too! I had another gecko who passed away in 2014 and I wish I had taken more videos of him, even if they are usually kind of boring.

  • Anything on this topic would be a great article for me, I have absolutely NO idea how to care for geckos!!!

    • Thanks for your comment! If you are interested I do have other posts about the geckos, including a care sheet. But I will for sure try to post about them more often going forward.

  • Love reading about them, when I was living in South Africa we were told that geckos bring luck so we had them running wild all over the house, my Mom would not hurt them 🙂

    • That's awesome! I have relatives who live in Florida where they have wild lizards and I was always a bit jealous. I've never seen them in the wild since they aren't native to our area.

  • Your lizards are so cute! It seems like they are very happy. A new tank design is a fun idea. Changing things up once in a while is fun.
    -Purrs from your friends at

  • dustydesertdogs

    How cool I use to have a gecko when I was a child such a great pet.

  • My son had a leopard gecko and she was a lot of fun! It can be pretty expensive to redecorate an habitat. I imagine they are happy with it as it is.

    • It can get expensive for sure. I'm thinking I'm going to hold off on redecorating, but I'm sure I'll do it eventually.

  • Lindsay, Dog Blogger

    I had no idea geckos could be so adorable!

  • missmollysays

    They are so cute!!! I have absolutely no idea on how to care for these so I am in awe! 5 years old!! Wow! Your are doing something right for sure!

    • Thanks for your comment! Miyuki, the one who is almost 5, is the smaller all white one. Aurora, the more yellow one, is even older - she'll be 8 later this year.

  • They are so cute! I'd love to hear more about them because I am beyond clueless on geckos!

  • I have no clue about exotic animals so it's interesting to read about your experiences.

    • Thanks! I've always really liked exotic pets, reptiles especially, and have kept them longer than I have dogs. I wish I had the space for more, to be honest, but I'll have to be happy with my little gecko family for now.

  • Tenacious Little Terrier

    What do you add when you redesign their tanks?

    • It depends, but usually stuff like backgrounds for the tank, food/water dishes, and decorations for the geckos to hide under. I've been wanting to try adding live plants but that would involve also adding special lighting for the plants too.

  • Dash Kitten in NZ

    The reptile event as part of BlogPawsChat was so popular, I wish they would do it again!

    • Do you mean the reptile campaign they had awhile back or something else? I took part in their reptile campaign and had a lot of fun with it. That was the first time I had ever seen one for reptiles, usually it's mostly cats/dogs.

  • GonetotheSnowDogs

    The pumpkin photo is adorable! I have always wanted a few reptiles for our house, but not sure the Huskies would approve!

    • My older dog, Kit, would let the geckos crawl all over him and not bat an eye. My puppy, on the other hand, has a much stronger prey drive. I don't let the pup around the geckos or my rabbit. Luckily, so far, it's been a non-issue keeping them separated. The geckos are small and spend most of their time in tanks. I just made sure to put the tanks somewhere the pup can't get to and that he's not around when I take them out. 🙂

  • Bryn Nowell

    I love your photos! I haven't seen many posts that include geckos so this was fun to see! How long do they typically live?! Happy almost birthday to Miyuki!

  • Cathy Armato

    Your Gecko girls are so cute! It's amazing that Miyuki was actually born at your house. I'd love to see photos of her as a tiny hatchling. I liked your video too!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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