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Kitsune’s Nightly Chew

ppppaaaI've probably mentioned this before, at least in passing.  When Kit was a puppy he developed the nightly ritual of chewing for awhile before going to sleep.  It gives him something to do while the rest of us are in bed, and it seems to help him to relax before heading to sleep himself.  He really seems to enjoy his relaxing chew time.  So much so that often times if I give him a chewie during the day, he'll stash it away and not actually chew on it until bedtime.

When we added Fenrir into our pack last year, I had to up the chewie purchases.  Fenrir is still a pup, so having things that he's allowed to chew on helps to keep him out of trouble.  Plus, I didn't want Kit to ever feel like he had to compete with Fen for chews.  We keep plenty of them around at all times, so the dogs never feel like they have to compete for the same one.

With more chews laying around, Kit developed another adorable habit.  Now, when he's getting ready for bed, he not only gets a chew for himself, but he has to make sure everyone else has one as well.  He brings one to everyone, one at a time, and doesn't relax with one himself until he's sure that everyone else has something to chew on too.  He even tries bringing them to our rabbit, Barnaby!

Kit has got to be the sweetest dog I have ever met!  His affections mean that my fiance and I often times wake up in pain after rolling over onto a dog chew (Kit brings them to us while we're in bed, sometimes while we're asleep, and puts them next to us), but it's a small price to pay for how much this pup warms my heart.

In the picture/video in this post Kit is chewing on a dehydrated pig's ear, in case anyone is curious.

Do any of your pets do sweet things like try to give you their food/treats?  Do your pets have any cute daily rituals?


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