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Happy 5th Birthday To Miyuki

pppp25 years ago yesterday (June 14th) I was overjoyed to have been able to watch my Leopard gecko, Miyuki, hatch from her egg.  My other female gecko, Aurora, is Miyuki's mother.  Aurora laid Miyuki's egg on April 24th, 2011, and after incubating for 52 days Miyuki blessed us all with her presence.  Miyuki's egg wasn't the only one Aurora laid, but it was the only one that ever hatched.

'Yuki right after she hatched!
'Yuki right after she hatched!

When I saw Miyuki for the first time, she was bright bubble gum pink and weighed a mere 4 grams.  In that picture to the left, which was from before the days of our shiny new URL, "Yuki was so new she even had a bit of her yolk sac still attached.

I know I always say stuff like this, but I can't believe that 5 years have passed already!  Up until we got Fenrir last year, Miyuki was the baby of the family.  I remember so clearly watching her hatch, and carefully caring for her in the days directly after - it still feels like all that could have happened yesterday.

Look how big our girl grew!  Today, 5 years and a day after we first met "Yuki, she is a happy, healthy lizard.  It took time and lots of patience, but she's used to being handled and is very calm when we take her out of her tank.  I feed her by hand, using feeding tongs, and taught her that when I tap on the side of her tank it's dinner time.  She still loves to explore so I change up her tank often.

We didn't do anything special to celebrate 'Yuki's birthday.  Being a lizard, she wasn't upset about it.  But I wanted to post about her big day anyways - here's to another awesome year with the lovely Miss Miyuki, and to the many more birthdays to come!



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