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Homemade Rabbit Toys


All my pets, Barnaby included, are pretty spoiled.  But it's been quite awhile since I last bought rabbit toys.  Homemade toys are cheap; many of them can be made with common household items that would probably end up being discarded anyways. They're a great option for destructive rabbits, because they are affordable and easy to replace! If you're looking for fun new toy for your furry friend, consider checking out these bunny approved homemade toy ideas!

Cardboard paper roll toys: Don't throw away all those cardboard toilet paper, wrapping paper, or paper towel rolls! There are a number of different toys you can make for your rabbit(s) using the discarded cardboard.


Cardboard treat balls:

  1. Take a cardboard toilet paper, wrapping paper, or paper towel roll and cut it into similar sized rings. Each ring should be about an inch wide. You will need approximately 5 rings for each ball.
  2. Overlap the rings together to form a 3D sphere shape. Keep using different rings to cover gaps.
  3. When there are only small gaps left, put a tasty treat or bit of food into the hollow center of the ball. Fresh greens, dried fruit, hay, or your rabbits pellets all work well for this.
  4. Close the gaps as much as you can with more rings.
  5. Give to bunny and watch him/her have fun trying to get to the treat at the center of the ball.

Toilet paper treat roll:

  1. For this toy you will need 4 or 5 similar sized cardboard toilet paper rolls.
  2. Flatten all of the rolls except for one.
  3. Take the flattened rolls, and put them inside the fourth roll.
  4. Insert treats, such as raisins or pellets inside the folds of the inner cardboard rolls.
  5. Give to bunny and enjoy!

Cardboard hay rolls:

  1. Take a cardboard tube, any size.
  2. Stuff the tube with hay and treats.
  3. If you want to make it more interesting, you can cut fringe out of the edge of the tube.
  4. Give to bunny, and watch them have fun foraging for the best pieces of hay and treats!

Box Forts:This one is easy! Rabbits love cardboard box forts that they can climb on, hide in, and chew on.

  • All you have to do is take a clean, empty cardboard box. Fold the ends closed, and cut an access hole for your bunny somewhere on the front of the box.
  • You can make your forts as simple or complex as you wish! Add additional boxes to make a bunny castle, or keep it simple for a basic bunny hiding box that can be easily replaced when chewed.
  • To turn your box fort into a dig box, fill it with paper, old phone books work well, and let your rabbit shred the paper to his/her hearts content.

Common items that make good rabbit toys.These items don't require any work on your part, but they can be great toys for rabbits.

  • Untreated wood - Untreated wood blocks or scraps can make great chews for rabbits. If they are small enough, your rabbit may enjoy throwing them around.
  • Apple branches - If you have access to an apple tree, the cut branches make a tasty chew for rabbits.
  • Paper products - Paper cups, crumbled up paper, plates, bags, or any other type of 100% paper product can be used to make homemade rabbit toys. Get creative by attaching them to the sides of your rabbits cage, or box fort, or just keep things simple and give them the paper products to invent their own games with.
  • Phone books - Many rabbit owners give their pets phone books to shred and chew on.
  • Wooden spoons - Unpainted wooden spoons can make an interesting new toy.
  • Willow baskets - Untreated willow baskets or toys are a favorite chew toy for many rabbits!

e1When picking out treats to use with your homemade toys, remember to keep your other pets in mind as well. Raisins make a great treat for rabbits, but raisins and grapes are toxic to dogs. Be careful when offering your rabbits treats that could be dangerous to other pets.  My dogs are always curious about Barnaby's toys, so I make sure not to give Barnaby anything that would be dangerous for the dogs in case they pull off a successful toy heist.

Rabbits are playful, intelligent animals that usually enjoy new toys! Buying them toys from the store can sometimes get expensive, as rabbits can be destructive when they play. Using homemade toys and safe household items as novel toys for your rabbit will keep your pet entertained and mentally stimulated, while also keeping your wallet well padded! Can you think of any other common household items that might make a fun new toy for your rabbit?

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