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Relaxing With Barnaby


Everyone knows I love my dogs.  They aren't the most relaxing creatures to live with, though.  My two, yes even 7 year old Kitsune, are high energy.  Our house is usually a frenzy of walks, training sessions, wrestling, and games.  It's a lot of fun and is, most of the time, something I very much enjoy.  Once in awhile I do appreciate a bit of peace and quiet.  To find it in this house, my best bet is usually to spend some time with my lower key animal friends - Barnaby and the geckos.

I wrote before about how Barnaby has never been the friendliest rabbit.  He's a sweetheart, but is usually more of a 'look but don't touch' kind of pet.  I've been caring for him for over 9 years now and he does tolerate me petting him, although he doesn't seem to enjoy it the way rabbits I've had in the past have.

I wanted to take a video of it all the same.  Please no negative comments, I know how Barnaby looks.  He's old.  He's had to overcome a number of health issues this year, not the least of which being when he injured and lost sight in one of his eyes.  He's been to the vet, much to his chagrin, and is not in any pain.  He still eats like a champ, loves lounging in front of his TV, and does his nightly runabout, usually at 2am when he can wake everyone up!

For awhile now I've avoided posting a lot of videos/photos of Barnaby.  He'll always be adorable to me, but the internet can be mean.  Lately I've been trying to take more pictures of him, many of which I'm sure will end up here.  Caring for senior pets is a part of pet ownership that we should embrace and enjoy.  Barnaby may look a little rough around the edges, but he's still living life to the fullest.  I love my little old man, all the more so thanks to the almost decade we've spent together.


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