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Aurora Update



I needed to take some new pictures/videos of Aurora for a video I'm working on for our Youtube channel.  I figured I'd upload some clips of Aurora to Youtube separately, since it's been awhile since I've shown her off.

I know I don't post about the geckos and Barnaby as often as I do the dogs.  We adore all our animal family members, but the geckos are pretty low maintenance.  They spend most of their time hanging out in their tanks and other than feeding them, making sure they have fresh water, that they are warm enough, and cleaning their tanks, I really don't spend much time with the geckos.  At least not compared to how much time I spend with the dogs!

Aurora has been doing very well.  She'll be 8 years old next month!  Both her and her daughter Miyuki have been loving the hot weather we've been having here.  Their tanks are heated, so they stay warm even in the cold of winter, but I use an UTH (under tank heater) and, while that keeps them plenty warm, they seem to love when the air temperatures are hotter in the summer.


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