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My Favorite Cat Breeds

ppppLet's talk cats!  I don't post about cats often.  Growing up, I (perhaps surprisingly) was a card carrying member of team cat.  I like that they are generally quieter than dogs are.  I've always felt that they are a bit easier to care for too, especially since you don't have to walk them 3+ times a day.  Unfortunately my fiance is allergic to cats, which is the biggest reason why we don't have any.

Mittens, my childhood cat.
Mittens, my childhood cat.

He's also expressed a general dislike of cats.  I don't share the sentiment, despite having a few bad experiences with cats, but we currently live in a city apartment.  Making my fiance live in close quarters with an animal he's not crazy about, and is allergic too, just wouldn't be fair.

We're not planning on living in the city forever.  I'm not sure exactly where the future will bring us but, eventually, we'd like to be able to purchase a good amount of property.  Who knows, perhaps with more room to spread out I'll someday be able to enjoy the company of a feline friend.  Here's a list of my top 5 favorite cat breeds...

Photo via Winterfell-Invernalia, Wikimedia Commons.
Photo via Winterfell-Invernalia, Wikimedia Commons.

1: Norwegian Forest Cats:  The cat of the Vikings!  Norwegian forest cats are typically larger than your average cat, with long fur that can come in pretty much any color/pattern.  I love how regal, almost lion like these cats look.  Temperament wise they are generally described as being gentle and friendly, but not overly dependent on human attention.  My fiance and I are pretty big fans of everything Viking, which is how I originally came across this cat breed.  Perhaps, someday, I can convince him that we need a Viking cat!

Bebopscrx, Wikimedia Commons
Bebopscrx, Wikimedia Commons

2: Devon Rex: So ugly they are cute!  This breed's unique look comes from a genetic mutation that causes their fur to be curly/wavy with few guard hairs.  They are sometimes referred to as pixie, elf, or alien cats due to their unique appearance.  Devon's are not technically hypoallergenic, but they are often considered to be one of the best breeds for allergy sufferers.  Probably the thing I like most about this breed are their generally very friendly, intelligent personalities.

Japanese Wikipedia

3: Japanese Bobtail: Who can resist those adorable stubbed tails?  Common in Japanese folklore, Japanese Bobtails come in a verity of colors, with calico being the most popular.  Heterochromia (two different colored eyes) is common in the breed.  Besides being adorable, theses cats are generally friendly, intelligent, and active.

Wikimedia Commons

4: Turkish Angora: Often coming in pure white, Turkish Angora's can be other colors as well.  They are playful, intelligent, and friendly.  As their name suggests, Turkish Angora's have long fur.  In fact, they are often thought to be where both the color white and long fur originated in domestic cat breeds.

Nordelch via Wikimedia Commons

5: Oriental Shorthair: Those ears!  Often described as being dog like, Oriental Shorthairs are very similar to Siamese cats, but they come in a wider verity of colors.  This breed is commonly very playful and very much enjoys spending time with their human companions.  Like dogs, they can be somewhat needy as far as affection is concerned and, if bored, Oriental Shorthairs can get themselves into trouble.

Those are currently my top 5 favorite cat breeds.  But, of course, all cats are awesome no matter their breed or mix.  If you are looking to add a feline friend to your family be sure to check out your local shelter/rescue or use resources such as during your search.  Unfortunately it's not all that uncommon for even purebred pets to find themselves needing new homes.

I have a feeling that, if my fiance has anything to say about it, there won't be any cats joining the Paw Print Pack.  But that doesn't mean I can't admire them from afar.  Whether you have cats or not, what are some of your favorite breeds?


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