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Kit and Fen Together

ppppA lot of people have been asking me whether Kit and Fen get along and if they do, why I don't have many pictures of them together.  They do get along!  Over the past year Kit has been very patient dealing with puppy Fen.  I know puppies are not always easy to live with, even for other dogs.  There have been times when I'm sure Fen has gotten on Kit's nerves, but as Fen has grown and become better behaved the boys relationship has really flourished.

My lack of pictures of them together says more about my (lack of) photography skills than it does about the boy's relationship.  The reason I haven't posted many pictures of them together is because I haven't been able to get many good pictures of them together.  Usually one or the other, sometimes both, comes out blurry because most of the time, when the boys are together, they are playing.

As adorable as it would be they haven't really taken to sleeping/snuggling together yet.  They each have their own spots around the house where they like to relax and Fen, so far, hasn't been big on snuggling.  Maybe that will change as he gets older.  Kit didn't snuggle when he was a puppy either, but now he's the snuggle king!

Here's one thing they do do together, and I actually captured a non-blurry picture of it - begging!


What you don't see in the picture is that my fiance was just out of frame eating a piece of pizza.

I'll try to get more good pictures of the boys together moving forward.  Until then, here's a video of Fen playing that I uploaded to our YouTube channel yesterday...

Thanks for reading! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Kit and Fen Together

  1. Lauren Miller

    They are so cute!! I totally know what you mean about having a hard time capturing the dogs together. We've worked at it for years! My two don't really snuggle together either.

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