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Black Cats are Often Overlooked by Adopters


I don't post about cats all that often.  Because my fiance is allergic to them, it's been a long time since I've been able to share my life with a feline.  The last cat post I put up was about my top 5 favorite cat breeds.  I don't think I mentioned cat colors in that post.  Of course cats of any color can make amazing pets but I've always been most drawn to calicos, white cats, and black cats. 

Photo via Weimar Meneses (Flickr)
Photo via Weimar Meneses (Flickr)

For a long time I've wanted a solid black Devon Rex.  I'd most likely pair him with a white or calico friend.  Hey, a girl can dream.  It's a common myth that black cats cause bad luck.  Unfortunately, the cats themselves seem to be the unlucky ones.  When it comes to pet potential, cat color really doesn't matter.  However, in the US black cats have the lowest adoption rates, and thus the highest euthanasia rates. It's not only black cats either, black dogs in shelters also seem to have a harder time finding homes.

There may be a verity of reasons why black animals are overlooked in shelters. Especially in the case of cats, it could be because of the superstitions that surround them. Black cats are thought, by some people, to be evil or bad luck. Some shelters now don't allow black cats to be adopted and taken home around Halloween. They are afraid that the cats will be used as living Halloween decorations, and then discarded. Black cats are sometimes thought of as plain or boring, and are often passed up by more colorful or uniquely marked animals.

Whatever the reasons, the truth of the matter is that black cats make just as good pets as any other cat would.  In other parts of the world, they aren't looked upon as being so unlucky. In Great Britain, for example, black cats are thought to bring about good luck. In Scotland, they are a symbol or prosperity. The people who have the privilege of sharing their homes with one of these beautiful animals know that they can make wonderful, loving companions.

So next time you're in the market for a new pet, don't pass the black cats by. Out of all the cats in the shelter, they are usually the ones who get overlooked. But bring one of them into your home, and you will not only be saving a life, you will be making a new lifelong friend; one that, who knows, might even bring you a bit of good luck!

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