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Feeding Miyuki



Leopard geckos eat insects.  I know not everyone would be crazy about keeping a pet that they have to feed bugs to.  Because I know it bothers some people, I don't usually talk much about, or show images of, my geckos eating.  Their diet consists mainly of live feeder insects.

Not all insect eating animals take to it, but whenever possible I also like to get my reptiles used to eating prekilled prey items.  It allows me to easily provide my geckos with a more varied diet.  Crickets are a common food source for insectivorous pets, but I hate keeping live crickets in my house.  Being able to feed my geckos dead insects also comes in handy in emergency situations.  During hurricane Sandy, for example, we couldn't get our hands on live feeder insects.  Because my geckos were all used too also eating prekilled insects they didn't have to go hungry.

Both canned and freeze dried insects are readily available in pet stores as well as online.  I've found, over the years, that my geckos seem to prefer freeze dried over canned.  I soak the freeze dried insects in warm water for a short time before feeding them to my geckos.  Doing so warms them up, as well as provides a bit of extra hydration.

You'll see mixed opinions in the reptile world over whether or not feeding prekilled insects is a good idea.  Not all reptiles will eat canned or freeze dried foods and there is some debate on whether or not they receive the full range of nutrients from dead prey items.  My personal opinion is that offering a varied diet is important, and that feeding canned or freeze dried insects is ok as long as healthy live prey is also offered regularly.

That was a bit of a long disclaimer.  The video below is a collection of short clips of one of my leopard geckos, Miyuki, snacking on freeze dried (and rehydrated) crickets.  There's a random meal worm thrown in the mix as well.  If images of reptiles feeding or bugs bother you you probably don't want to watch the video below.

That's the first reptile feeding video I've ever uploaded.  I know it's not going to appeal to everyone, but I don't want to keep from posting pictures/videos of them eating because of that.  Feeding them is an important part of caring for them!

I'd love to hear from you!  Have you ever had a pet that you had to feed insects too?  Did the video of Miyuki eating bother you or is feeding my lizard ladies something you'd be cool with learning more about?


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