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They Snuggled!


I can't even with those two.  They are too fricking adorable.  Last month I wrote a bit about how Kit and Fen had never snuggled/slept together.  They would sometimes sleep near each other, maybe a foot or so away from each other on the bed, but never ever snuggled up right next to each other.  Until now!

aaThe other night Chris and I were watching a movie.  I was laying on the couch and of course Kit, Mr. Snuggle King, was sleeping next to me.  Then along comes Fen, actually tired for once, to join in the party.  He started off sleeping next to Kit then slowly crept his way over until his head was resting on top of Kit's.  They slept like this for a good 45 minutes as I tried, quietly, not to die from the cuteness.

They haven't snuggled this close again since but that's ok.  The overload of cuteness from them doing it once will be enough to last me awhile, ha.  I'm guessing it will probably be something they do once in awhile, at least for now.  In the meantime, they do plenty of other cute things to hold me over...

dddLike Fen deciding that my computer chair is his new favorite nap spot.  That picture is of the first time he ever slept on my chair, but he's been doing it a lot since.  As long as I leave a blanket on my chair (the one in the picture is fake fur, by the way) he thinks it's an amazing place to nap.

ddI wanted to upload a video of the boys playing together today but when I tried to edit the video the file was corrupt.  Instead I uploaded some chips of Fen playing at the park that I recorded Monday morning.  Sorry my videos have been a bit Fen heavy lately.  I'll try to make my next couple feature Kit and the other pets.

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