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Kitsune’s Holiday Dog Gift Guide

So...this post is late.  About two weeks late!  I originally planned to have it posted around the first of the month, but boy has December been getting away from me!  If you found this post because you're in a similar situation, and have no idea how it's already the middle of December, than welcome!  If it makes anyone feel any better, I've still got quite a bit of holiday shopping to get done.  Thank dog for Amazon Prime!

Speaking of Amazon Prime...I know not everyone has it, but because this post is so late and Amazon shipping is usually so fast (especially if you have Prime), I'm going to use Amazon links for as many of the items on our list as I can.  That way, if you want to purchase any of the items on our 2016 dog gift guide you can hopefully still get them in time for Christmas.  If not hey, your dog won't mind if his gifts are a few days late!

These items aren't in any particular order.  As in other years, I basically picked 10  toys/items that my dogs have enjoyed most over the past year.  In previous years we only had Kitsune, so our selection was based solely on him.  This Yule will be our second having two dogs so this list will include some of Fenrir's favorites as well.  Without further's our list.

  • Kyjen Bunjee Dog:  I'm really glad I found this on Amazon because I want to buy a couple of extras for when our current one bites the dust.  Not that that's going to happen anytime soon, we've had this toy for years now and despite both my dogs playing with it daily it's still in decent shape.  Kit and Fen play tug with this toy pretty much everyday, and Kit often plays with it by himself or just carries it around the house.  A fan favorite around here for sure!
  • Star Wars Tug Toy: My fiance got this for Fen on his first birthday and Fen's been pretty obsessed with it since.  Despite a few Amazon reviews saying otherwise, this toy seems pretty durable.  It's survived being played with daily since August by our crazy pup.  Plus, it's on the cheaper side as far as dog toys go.
  • Tennis Balls: I know, I know - it's boring to put tennis balls on our list since everyone already knows about them.  But my dogs love them so much I just can't not include them.  And hey, they are also rather cheap and those three packs would fit perfectly into a doggie stocking!
  • Ball on a Rope: There's a reason I included ball/rope toys separately and didn't just include them with tennis balls.  My pup, Fen, has never been a highly food motivated dog but lives for toys.  He goes nuts for tennis balls but using loose balls as rewards outside, especially near the city traffic, isn't the safest thing to do.  Balls with ropes attached can't roll away under cars etc, but still make an awesome toy reward for Fen when he behaves himself outside.
  • Muscle Men: These toys are essentially squeaker mats, meaning they have lots and lots of squeakers!  If your dog likes squeakers as much as mine do, they should love these toys.
  • Treat Dispensing Toys: I included a Kong in my picture above, but almost any type of treat/food dispensing toy is a hit at our house - especially with Kit.  They're awesome because they keep your dog engaged and are a great way to provide mental stimulation.
  • Long Line: Not necessarily a toy, but our long line is something the dogs and I have gotten a lot of joy out of over the past year.  We currently use a 3/8th inch 30 foot long line.  I mostly use it on the fields at our local park.  It gives the dogs more space to run around, play fetch, etc and also allows me to work on their recall training without actually having to worry about them being loose.

  • Stuffingless Toys:  These guys come in all shapes, sizes, and prices but all have one thing in common - no stuffing!  Great for dogs who like to destuff toys.  Who wants to constantly have to clean up toy stuffing?  Besides that, both my dogs actually seem to prefer stuffingless toys over their stuffed toys.  Kit especially seems to enjoy how floppy they are.  He loves to shake and throw them around.
  • Puzzle Toys: These overlap the treat dispensing toys a bit, but puzzle toys are often a bit more complex verses your average treat dispensing Kong type toy.  These are awesome for smart dogs who need a bit of extra mental stimulation, and for keeping hyper puppies occupied.  We have a few puzzle toys that I like to rotate so my boys don't get too used to solving the same one over and over again.
  • Subscription Boxes: You knew this one was coming!  My dogs and I have had a lot of fun with subscription boxes over the years.  The two we currently receive are Pooch Perks and Pet Treater, but there are lots of others out there as well.  My favorite thing about sub boxes is that even with all the dog products I'm exposed to, I still receive items in our boxes that I've never heard of before.  They're a fun way to try out new products, and the dogs always get so excited when their boxes get here.

What toys/items have your pets enjoyed the most over the last year?  Did you buy them anything interesting/fun for the holidays?  I really enjoy spoiling my pets, but I think it's also always important to remember that the best gift you can give your furry loved ones any time of the year is your time.

I hope everyone who celebrates any kind of winter holiday is having fun getting ready for the festivities!

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