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It’s Cookie Time, Barnaby!

How cute is Barnaby's little mouth!

Barnaby's "cookies" are actually Oxbow supplement tabs.  I give him the joint support and senior support supplements.  If the supplements have helped improve his health at all I haven't noticed, but I figured they can't hurt and, as you can see, Barnaby really enjoys them!

FYI Barnaby is closed in his cage at night.  His cage is a 48'' 3 story Leith Petwerks condo so don't feel bad for him.  He has plenty of space with lots of chews, toys, bedding, etc.  His room is right off of our bedroom and if we allow him to free range at night he can get louder than you'd think a little 2lb bunny would be.  Even when he's not loud enough to wake us humans up, his shenanigans always used to wake Kit who, in turn, woke the rest of us.

Barnaby and I have developed a ritual where every morning when I'm getting ready to walk the dogs he'll start begging for his morning cookie.  I give him his cookie, do all my morning dog care, then clean Barnaby's cage/room and let him out to free range his room for the day.  Being 10 years old now, he's not as active as he once was.  He usually runs around his room a bit making sure everything is in order then jumps up on his couch to relax.



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