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Of Pets and the Flu

I'm alive - Well, for the most part.  Around the end of the week last week I started feeling really run down.  It had been a pretty busy week, so I originally thought that maybe I had just overdone things a bit.  I figured, since the weekend was coming, that I'd have plenty of time to relax and unwind after my busy week.

By relax I mean I had a long list of things I wanted to get done.  Of course I'm sure I would have snuck some sleep and relaxation in there somewhere.  But my weekend went south pretty quickly as it became increasingly obvious that my run down feeling was actually the humble beginnings of the flu.  Not only did I have it, but my fiance did too.  He's actually the one who gave it to me, so sickness wise he was a few days ahead of me.

Ya know, just far enough ahead that I was still feeling okay enough to care for him for a majority of the weekend, and by the time he was ready to go back to work I was a miserable, feverish heap of coughing headaches.

A miserable, feverish heap of coughing headaches that still had two dogs, a special needs/senior rabbit, and two reptiles to take care of.  Fun.

We'll snuggle you and squish you and invade your personal space until you feel all better!!

Luckily the gecko girls are easy keepers.  Their tank heaters are connected to thermostats that keep the tank temperatures perfect no matter what the outside temperatures are.  Skipping out on feeding them for a day isn't a huge deal either.  I normally hand feed them with feeding tongs, which can sometimes be a bit time consuming, but to make things easy they will both happily eat out of bowls as well.

Barnaby is a bit harder to care for.  Rabbits should never go without food, plus they are messy.  I normally clean Barnaby's cage/litterbox/room once a day and check multiple times a day to make sure he hasn't run out of hay.  On top of that, Barnaby's blind eye still requires daily eye drops to keep it lubricated and comfortable.  Caring for the eye has been a better option than risking putting him under anesthesia to remove it, something I'm not sure he'd survive, but isn't so easy to do when just dragging myself out of bed is a task and a half.  Even so, Barnaby got his eye drops and food checks daily.  I admit I did slack one day and skipped cleaning his cage.

The dogs have been, by far, my greatest flu related challenge.  Don't get me wrong, they are complete sweethearts.  They seem to realize that I'm not 100% and have been spending extra time snuggled up with me rather than ransacking the house like I was afraid they would.  Alas, even the most well behaved dogs still need to go outside for bathroom breaks, still need to eat, and still need something to do to help then expend some energy.  The snuggling part is easy.  The meal prep, walking, playing with - not so much.  Even now, although I'd say I'm about 90% better at this point, taking the dogs outside for even a few minutes sends me into pretty intense coughing fits.

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  Chris wasn't able to take off any extra days from work to help me out while I was sick, so I had to muddle through getting everyone taken care of by myself.  It wasn't easy, for a few days it was downright miserable, but we got through it.

The name of the game, now that I'm finally mostly better, is attempting to catch up on everything I got behind on while I was sick.  I'm hoping I can pick up some extra hours at work next week since I didn't get many hours in this week.  Later this afternoon I'm going to attempt to clean the house, and hopefully this weekend I'll have enough time to work on my websites and finish a few projects that I wanted to get done last weekend.

I know there are a lot of sicknesses going around right now.  Hopefully you have been able to avoid getting sick this winter!  Do you have any tips/tricks for how you keep on top of pet care when you aren't feeling your best?


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