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Leprechaun Invasion

I'm using the term "leprechaun" to mean dogs dressed up in St. Patrick's Day bandanas.  Actually, if you want to get technical, Kit is wearing a St. Patrick's Day bandana and Fen is wearing a Christmas bandana.  Dog sized St. Patrick's Day attire was in short supply here, so a green Christmas bandana will have to do.  Luckily Fen can't read, so he doesn't mind the slight.

I ran out of dog treats.  Oh the horror!  Seriously, it was horrible.  You'd think with all the pet subscription boxes I review each month that we'd be well stocked up on treats.  Alas, with two dogs who are often times too smart for their own good, they either exercise their minds with daily training sessions or else exercise them inventing new 'games'.  These 'games' often times involve climbing on, chewing on, or barking at things I'd much rather not have them climb up, chew on, or bark at.

They look cute, I know.  Don't let their looks fool you.  Those two are trouble.

I realized that it's been a long time since I last invented a new treat recipe to share with our readers.  Our lack of treats, plus the fact that St. Patrick's Day is this week, provided some awesome culinary inspiration.  At least the dogs thought it was awesome.  My fiance, unfortunately, not so much.  Inventing new treat recipes from scratch involves a certain amount of trial and error.   Trial and error that, as it turns out, doesn't always make your kitchen smell amazing.

You'll have to wait until Friday to see what we came up with!  I know, I know...but they are St. Patrick's Day themed treats, after all, and St. Patrick's Day isn't until Friday.  Until then, I can leave you with this badly filmed video of my two trouble making leprechauns begging for their new treats.  Proof that the recipe on Friday is worth waiting for!


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