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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

I've mentioned at least a few times now that, since the weather here has been getting nicer, I've been spending a lot more time playing with the boys at the park.  One day in particular last week I walked Kit to the beach, via a path that was bordered by lots of fresh green grass, and all Kit wanted to do was graze! 

This behavior isn't anything new for Kit, as you can see from this video I uploaded 5 years ago...

One thing I find interesting is that while Kit can get pretty obsessive about eating grass, Fen never really does.

Why do dogs eat grass anyways?  It seems to be common knowledge that dogs do it to make themselves throw up when they have upset stomachs.  I'm not sure how I feel about that theory.  I feel like if Kit was eating grass to soothe an upset stomach it would mean that he pretty much always has an upset stomach, since he'll almost always go for a nibble of grass given the opportunity.  But Kit's a very healthy dog, active and playful.  Furthermore, while eating grass does sometimes make him throw up, it doesn't always.

Some people think dogs eat grass for the fiber, because their diet is lacking in some nutrient that they maybe get from the grass, or just purely because they like to eat grass! I'm pretty convinced that that last theory is what motivates Kit.

What do you think? Does your dog like to eat grass too?

4 thoughts on “Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

  1. tinypixiexoxo

    Omg! My pug loves to eat grass. Pretty much the first day it was nice outside and the grass perked up, he started chomping away! Those are interesting reasons, though.

    Boo ate grass before he came down with pancreatits.. and he continues to eat it now. Before his illness, we were bad humans and gave him lots and lots of human food. We would let him lick our plates and we'd throw scraps at him. But after he was ill, we got him on a strict diet, and we changed our ways as well. Now he has a rice and venison dog food and nothing else except bones for chewing.

    But, he's continued to chomp on that grass! So correlationally, I cannot assume that he eats the grass because of lack of nutrients, because he was getting, well, too many nutrients before his illness... and now, the dog food he gets is vet-made so I doubt they stripped it of the nutrients he does need.

    I'm going to chalk him up to one of those who just likes to eat grass for the heck of it!

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