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Of Dogs and Open Windows

Happy May!  I hope everyone is enjoying the nice spring weather.  The temperatures here have been a bit bipolar lately.  On Saturday we had sunny 80*+f weather and on Sunday it dropped back down to just below 60*f.  Not that I'm complaining!  Saturday's hotter weather came complete with a nice cool breeze and, since I'm more of a fan of cooler weather, I was happy about Sunday's cool down.  Except for when it rains, the windows in our apartment have been open pretty much 24/7 for the past week or so.  I'm trying to enjoy as much window time as possible, as I'm sure it won't be long now before it gets hot enough to put our ACs in.

Being able to keep the windows open after a winter of pretty much keeping them closed elicits some interesting reactions from the dogs.  Kit loves the wind when we're outside.  He often times lifts his head up into the wind, his giant ears blowing back, with a huge doggy smile on his face.  He'll sit like that outside for quite awhile sometimes, seemingly enjoying the feel of the wind on his face.

But the wind blowing into our bedroom from an open window is, apparently, a different story.  In previous years, Kit would often times hide in our bathroom to escape the breeze coming in from the windows.  So far, this year, he hasn't gone as far as hiding in the bathroom, but I wouldn't rank the wind blowing inside on his list of favorite things, that's for sure.

Fen is a totally different story.  The wind coming inside never seems to bother him at all.  When it's especially hot, or he's trying to cool down after playing, he actually seems to enjoy laying in spots that get a good breeze.  But the open windows let in more than just the wind, they let in the sounds of the city.  Things like cars and trucks driving by are no big deal, but other things, like children yelling and barking dogs, sometimes get Fen a bit riled up.

Bring on the training treats!  I've been working with Fen since we realized he was reacting to sounds outside and happily it didn't take long for him to learn that sounds coming in through the windows are nothing he has to worry about.

If you have dogs, or even other types of pets, how do they react to having the windows open?


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