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Relaxing Pups & New Barnaby Video

We've had excellent napping weather lately.  Outside it's been sunny and hot but, because we live near the water, the hotter weather is accompanied by a nice cool breeze.  Opening the windows in our apartment allows the breeze to blow through so that, even when it's pretty hot outside, it's bordering on cold inside.  It's like free air conditioning!

It's been hot enough a few days lately that the dogs didn't really want to spend a lot of time outside.  We're pretty good at keeping them entertained, even on days when they spend most of their time indoors, luckily.  Kit, being the older one, is easy.  He's usually pretty content just lounging around the house, although I still like to do training and indoor play sessions with him daily.

Fen, on the other hand, has a lot more energy to burn.  On days when the weather keeps us inside I spend a lot of time keeping him busy, usually doing multiple training sessions, indoor play, and using puzzle toys to help keep him busy.

As much as I love playing with the dogs, one of my favorite parts of the day is when everyone has had their fill of fun and is ready to relax.  Life with two high energy dogs plus everything else I have going on can get kind of hectic, so I've learned to appreciate the calmness when I can.

Speaking of calm - I uploaded a new Barnaby video this morning...

Barnaby doesn't appear in my photos/videos as much as the dogs do because...well, Barnaby doesn't seem to be a big fan of the camera.  Sometimes I'll hear him playing or running around and I'll try to secretly record him, but he always catches me and promptly stops whatever it was he was doing to sit down and do nothing.  One of these days I'll have to set up a hidden camera in his room.  Until then, I got just a short video of him enjoying some head rubs.

Barnaby seems to be getting friendlier towards me in his old age.  He seems to enjoy when I pet him more than he used too and even asks for head rubs sometimes when I go into his room.  He's such a cutie - he's 10 years and 5 months old now.  FYI, in the end of that video where I show a closeup of his adorable bunny mouth the footage is sped up a bit.  I don't want anyone to think he was breathing that fast from being stressed or anything like that.

I meant to make this post a bit more wordless but oh well.  With work and everything I haven't always been getting around to posting on Wednesdays lately and since I have other stuff planned for the rest of the week, our Wednesday posts always seem like a good opportunity to post Paw Pack updates.

I hope everyone's May is off to an awesome start!  Thanks for reading.


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