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When it Rains…

Or, more accurately, when one dog gets gastroenteritis in a multi dog household...

I apologize for being a bit MIA last week.  I usually try to post at least twice a week, but sometimes life gets in the way.  Last week was a bit crazy.  I posted on our Facebook page about Fen not feeling well, and am finally getting around to updating everyone on what was going on.

On Saturday (the 6th) Kit threw up in the middle of the night.  The next morning when I took him outside he was experience some...bathroom issues.  To be honest I took note of the issues but didn't think too much of it since Kit has a very sensitive stomach and minor bouts of stomach upset aren't all that uncommon for him.  He was still acting normal - his happy, hungry, playful self.

It wasn't until the next day, when Fen started throwing up, that I started to suspect something was going on.  Fen has an iron stomach and very very rarely experiences any digestive issues.  He was also still acting normal, hyper and playful, but as the day progressed it became increasingly clear that something was wrong.  I'll spare you the messy details, but suffice it to say that in a single weekend we completely depleted our stock of paper towels, vinegar, and rug cleaner.

Towards the end of Sunday Fen started getting a bit less perky and I found what looked like a few drops of blood in his puke.  Not cool.  Why oh why do my pets always seem to get sick when their regular vet is closed?

Sigh.  E-vet it is!  Fen was diagnosed with gastroenteritis.  Not fun, but it could have been much worse.  After doing some testing and giving him fluids, the vet sent us home with meds and instructions to stick to a bland diet.

Oh, and plenty of rest, presided over by his ever watchful big brother Kit!  Speaking of Kit - after his brief bouts of tummy troubles over the weekend he was fine.  I'm not sure if he had the same thing as Fen and just didn't get it as bad, or if it was just a strange coincidence that he had a bit of an upset tummy right before Fen got sick.

Fen continued to have intermittent tummy troubles until Tuesday of last week.  He stopped throwing up right after we saw the vet but his other end wasn't so quick to recover.  He was a bit quieter than usual, slept a bit more than what's normal for him, but all in all I don't think he was too miserable.  He still wanted to play, tried tormenting his older brother, and, picky as he is, got quite excited when it was time for his bland, boring meals.

Luckily he was pretty much completely recovered by Wednesday and is back to his happy, healthy self now!  I'm so glad he's feeling better.  Mostly because I hate seeing my pets not feeling well - but also a little bit (ok, maybe a lot) because I kind of wanted a break from cleaning.  Bleck.

On top of my little one being sick, work has also been giving me a ton of extra hours.  Last week I worked the highest number of hours I've ever worked at my current job.  FYI I work from home, so I was able to keep a close eye on Fen while still getting my work done.  I can't complain too much - hey, someone has to pay the vet bills after all.  But all the work I did on top of playing puppy nurse maid meant I didn't get much else done last week, including blogging.

I hope everyone else had a better week then I did last week, and that this week is off to a good start for you too!  I wasn't going to post all this since I'm a bit behind on a couple of reviews I have to get up, but I had a few people ask me about Fen so I figured I'd go into more detail about what happened as well as let everyone know that he's doing well now!

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