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Grooming Day

Weekends, at our house at least, are for getting extra dirty and then getting clean!  Last Sunday Chris and I took Kit and Fen hiking.  Fen was being silly and kept finding spots he wanted to roll in.  Something about Kit's fur seems to make everything want to stick to it so, even though he wasn't the one rolling around in the mud, I think he came home just as dirty as Fen.

I didn't mind the boys getting extra dirty because both of them were a bit overdo for baths anyways.  After we got home Sunday they both got the full spa treatment - nail trims, baths, plus I brushed their teeth and cleaned their ears.  Fen doesn't ever get his fur trimmed but Kit was a bit overdo for a sanitary trim.

While I had my clippers out I decided to go ahead and clean Barnaby up a bit too.  I don't cut his hair too short but I do trim around his eyes/face and remove his 'skirt', or the long woolly fur that grows around his rump.

So all the furbies got groomed this weekend!  I didn't get any pictures/videos of Fen or Barnaby because frankly I mostly wanted to get grooming everyone over with as quickly as possible.  Grooming all three of them in one day is time consuming and Sunday was the only day I had off last week, so I kind of wanted to get to the puppy snuggles and Netflix binge.

Next time I'll have to try to get some pictures/videos of the other two.  Fen is silly in the tub and Barnaby probably has the most dramatic before/after when I give him his haircuts.

2 thoughts on “Grooming Day

  1. Miss Harper Lee

    Three baths in one day? You're my hero, and you so earned that Netflix binge!

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