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Leopard Geckos (Boringly) React to a Teddy Bear

I hope all my US readers had a fun 4th yesterday!  Most years I try to get a post up wishing everyone a happy 4th of July but for some reason I wasn't really feeling it this year.  Chris had a 4 day weekend which was awesome but apparently a lot of other people did too.  The streets were so crowded with everyone outside enjoying the weather and poor Kit was not happy about all the fireworks people were setting off.  When Kit was younger fireworks never seemed to bother him but I feel like the older he's gotten the more he reacts to them.

Between dealing with Kit getting upset over fireworks and having to brave the crowds every time we went outside, I have to say I was kind of glad when the long weekend ended (sorry Chris!).  Plus I had to work Monday and Tuesday so I didn't even get the benefit of getting time off for the holiday.

Since I didn't end up taking 4th of July themed pictures of the pets I decided to get some updated pictures of the gecko girls.  I had an idea for a video I wanted to do with them but it would have required some prep work and time kind of got away from me.  Instead I opted for a "leopard geckos react" video which turned out kind of boring but that's part of it's charm (I think).

I even ended up having to cut recording that video short when I noticed that Miyuki really wasn't having it.  A close inspection of her reveled why...she was about ready to shed.  She doesn't have injuries on her cheek in the picture below, that spot that looks like it could be in injury is actually her old skin starting to come loose.

As soon as I noticed that I put the geckos back into their tanks.   Miyuki was able to shed last night and looks lovely today, although I haven't gotten any new pictures of her since shedding.  A couple of days ago I weighed both geckos.  Aurora was a hefty 91 grams and Miyuki was a bit more dainty at 68 grams.  Both the gecko girls are doing very well!


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