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Barnaby Exploring the Living Room

Yesterday, while both the dogs were napping in the bedroom, I decided to bring Barnaby into the living room for a bit.  Barnaby has his own rabbit proofed room to run around in, but once in awhile I like to let him explore some of the other rooms in our house.

Before anyone comments...I am fully aware that our living room is not rabbit proofed.  Barnaby is a senior rabbit who doesn't have too much interest in making trouble, and I only let him explore the living room under my direct supervision.

How cute is he?  I really enjoyed spending time in the living room with Barnaby sans the dogs.  I love my dogs, but my life was much more relaxing (and quieter too!) when I had only rabbits.

  • Miss Harper Lee

    So cute! I know Barnaby enjoyed his special adventure, and I'm glad the two of you had some quiet time together.

  • valentine

    Hi Miss Michelle. I want a Barnaby of my own now! What kind of bunny rabbit is he? Does he like pussy cats? And does he stay indoors? Mom is going to the county fair today & maybe I can talk her in to bringing me home my very own fuzzy wuzzy hopper! Mew Mew!

    • Isn't Barnaby a cutie? He's a lionhead rabbit. He's small, just a bit over 2 lbs. Barnaby has never met a cat but he loves our two dogs! Yup, he lives indoors. Barnaby is neutered and litter box trained, so he doesn't make too much of a mess inside. If you do get a fuzzy wuzzy hopper of your own and have any questions feel free to ask! We've had Barnaby for almost 11 years now. 🙂


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