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Our (Not so Creepy) Crawlies

Because of the risk of seeming a bit crazy, I debated not posting about these guys.  But hey, we're all a little bit crazy right?  Might as well embrace it.  Last month a couple of new animal friends came to stay with us.  They are snails.  Yes...snails.

I feel like a bit of backstory might be helpful here.  When I was in 4th grade, for some reason, the science class I was in featured a lengthy lesson on snails.  My whole 4th grade class pretty much became snail experts.  The lesson plan came complete with a terrarium full of garden snails.  The students got to take turns bringing the snails home during vacations and weekends then, at the end of the year, all us budding snail biologists were sent home with baby snails of their own.

I took taking care of my slimy new charges seriously.  Once or twice a year I'd gather up all the baby snails I'd managed to raise and donated them back to the school.  I single handily kept the middle school stocked with snails for years.

Eventually, many years later, my little snail colony met their demise and that was the end of that.  I moved on, but always had fond memories of keeping snails as pets.

If you want to see some really impressive snails, research Giant African Land Snails (GALS)!  They are illegal to keep as pets in the US, but are legal and relatively popular as pets in other countries.  I know I write mostly about my dogs here, but I've always had a passion for exotic pets.  Over the years I've been privileged to be able to speak with amazing pet owners all over the world and, strange as it may sound, I've always been a bit envious of people who get to keep GALS as pets.

Fast forward to last month.  I met an awesome Paw Print reader who happened to both live in the same state as me and keep garden snails as pets!  Strange coincidence right?  We talked snails for a bit, and she offered to give me a few of her captive bred babies.  I know I've said that my plan was not to get anymore pets until we move into a bigger place but how could I pass on baby snails?  I figured they wouldn't take up much space, and who knows when I'd run across someone with captive bred snails again?

So those are my snails.  I have them in an extra large Critter Keeper that is pretty boring at the moment, but I'm planing on attempting to add a bunch of live plants soon.  I've had them for a little over a month now, but held off on posting about them because for awhile I was unsure if they'd all survive (Princess Polka Dot was particularly tiny and fragile when she got here and Escargot had a damaged shell) , and I couldn't decide just how crazy I'd seem posting about keeping pet snails.

My fiance keeps teasing me about my 'gross' snails but I actually think they are cute.   They look like slimy, silly little aliens.  FYI yes I marked their shells with nontoxic, water based paint because my weirdness knows no bounds and when you have pet snails that you give names too, you'll probably actually want to tell said snails apart.

So there you have it.  I'm embracing the weird and publicly announcing that I have pet snails.  4th grade me would be so proud.  Apparently I'm not the only crazy person out there because I found more websites than you would think about keeping snails as pets.  I figured that I'll probably end up posting about them every once in awhile, in the very least sticking some pictures of them on my Instagram account every now and then, so I might as well go ahead and introduce them.

Comment below!  What is the weirdest type of animal you've ever kept as a pet?


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