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What Happened to Kit’s Tail

My beloved Kitsune has been having a bit of a rough summer this year.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how he's been dealing with a lot of allergy issues.  Kit's always had allergies ever since he was a tiny pup, but his environmental allergies this summer have been particularly bad.  Near the end of June/beginning of July he developed quite a few hot spots that have luckily since healed.  We've been working with a holistic vet to get Kit's allergies under control and I've been optimistic that his current treatments seem to really be helping.  However, when it rains it pours and unfortunately Kit has recently had to deal with another health issue.

He broke his tail.

I have no idea how he did it.  I went to the laundromat one day and returned to find Kit chewing at his tail.  My initial thought was that it was his allergies acting up.  I put my laundry away then drew a bath for Kit, thinking that maybe a bath would help sooth his skin and stop his (what I thought was) itching.  When I had him in the tub I was looking over is tail and first noticed that high up on his tail, near his bum, his skin looked raw and irritated.  I was then shocked to discover that his tail was kinked down near the very tip.  Hey, that wasn't like that before!

I joke that I should just start having my paychecks sent directly to the dogs' vet.  An xray showed that Kit indeed broke his tail.  So now we had to make a choice.  We could have (1) had the tip of his tail amputated to remove the break completely, (2) do surgery to attempt to fix the break to help it heal straighter, or (3) just let the break heal on its own.  Options 1 and 2 would mean putting Kit under anesthesia and everything that entails (heh entails).  Option 3 would mean we would avoid surgery but that Kit would most likely have some degree of kink in his tail for the rest of his life.

We decided to go with the conservative option 3 and came home with anti-inflammatory/pain meds.  The vet said that as the break heals the tip of his tail may straighten out some on its own, and that even if it doesn't it shouldn't bother Kit any.  Luckily the break is near the very end of his tail so it doesn't impact his ability to curl/wag/move his tail.  I figure that even if it heals kinked, his tail is normally so furry that I doubt anyone will ever notice his new battle scar.

Speaking of his tail being furry...his tail isn't currently very furry.  I don't usually trim the fur on his tail short.  Kit's long flowing tail is one of his signatures and I love the way his tail fur looks long.  But I wanted to be able to keep a really close eye on his break.  He had also developed quite a few mats in his long tail fur from chewing at his tail, I assume now because it was hurting him.  I figured rather than risking hurting him by attempting to brush the mats out, or cutting them out and having him look weird with a really uneven tail, I'd just trim his tail fur short and call it a day.  It will grow back.

RIP awesomely long tail hair. Until you grow back...

So how did he actually break it?  We really have no idea, unfortunately.  During the time I think the break happened our other dog Fen was closed in his crate, so I don't think Fen was involved at all.  If I had to guess I'd say that maybe he somehow got his tail caught on something?  That might explain how he broke it as well as the irritation that he had on the upper part of his tail.  Maybe his tail got itchy, thanks allergies, and he contorted weird to try to bite at himself and accidentally broke his tail?  Really any explanation I try to give is a guess.  I wasn't home when it happened and Kit's not talking.

Don't worry though!  Kit is still just as adorable as he always was, kinked tail and all, or at least I think so.  He surprisingly never really seemed like he was in much pain.  As per usual he's been trying to wrestle and race his brother, playing with his favorite toys, trying to snuggle anything with a lap, and trying to convince me that he's starving to death a billion times a day.  I guess having a kinked tail tip will just be another thing on the list of Kit's adorably silly physical attributes, along with his mismatched and mismarked ears, and the fact that he's about double the size he was supposed to be.  I'll keep you all updated on what happens, but I'm hoping his healing is pretty uneventful.

Comment below!  Have you ever had a pet hurt or break its tail?


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