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Kitsune’s Latest Beach Trip

Not so Wordless: I feel like when I post pictures/videos of us at the beach it seems like it was an event.  We went to the beach!  When I was a kid we'd go to the beach once, maybe twice a summer.  Now that the weather has started to cool down a bit I try to get Kit to the beach 2 or 3 times a week.  The benefit of having a beach within walking distance from our house, I suppose.

Don't worry, Fen gets lots of fun outings too!  I don't take him to the beach as often as I do Kit because he doesn't seem to love it as much as Kit does.  Fen prefers to go out to the fields at the park on his long line, so he can play fetch.  But this post is about Kit...

It's funny how a dog who is totally not crazy about water can love the beach so much.

Kit's tail is doing well, by the way.  It's healing with a bit of a kink, which we assumed it would, but it's healing!  He finished all his meds we got after he broke his tail and, despite still being a bit kinked, Kit doesn't seem to notice that anything is different about his tail.  The fur there is already starting to grow back.  I'm sure he'll go back to having his crazy long majestic tail fur in no time.

His allergies have seemed to calm down as well.  He still has them, and I still catch him scratching every now and again, but it's not so bad that he's scratching himself bloody anymore and all his hot spots have healed.

That picture makes me laugh.  It's a bit bittersweet because I feel like Kit looks old in it.  You can really see how the fur around his eyes that used to be black has turned white.  But look at that face!  He's forever my silly pup, no matter how old he gets.

I feel like a lot of times when I take Kit to the beach I start off feeling like I'm doing it just for him.  It can feel like a chore to have to go out when I have so much I could be doing around here.  But then we get out into the fresh air and I always realize how much I need our little adventures too.

Comment below!  If you have a dog, what is his/her favorite place to walk?


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