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Barnaby Decides: Banana Vs. Carrot

I'm not sure when the whole 'rabbits and carrots' thing started.  I've always found it interesting that none of the house rabbits I've ever owned have really gone all that crazy over carrots, especially not Barnaby.  Barnaby will eat them, but if he could make a list of all his favorite foods I highly doubt carrots would make the list.

Most rabbits do, however, enjoy eating carrot tops (the green leaves) a lot more than the roots.  I suspect this is how rabbits and carrots became such an iconic duo.

If your rabbit, like my Barnaby, doesn't really get excited over carrots and you're looking for an alternative treat that he/she will enjoy, try bananas!  Pretty much all the rabbits I've ever known (and I've met a lot!) love bananas.  To prove my point, I offered Barnaby a slice of banana and a baby carrot to see which he'd go for first.  Here are the results...

You can clearly see which snack comes out on top.  Banana for the win!  In fact, I actually recorded that video a couple of hours ago and as of about 5 minutes ago Barnaby still hasn't even touched the carrot.

Just remember that sweet vegetables like carrots and fruits should be offered as a treat and fed in moderation.  Rabbits can have sensitive GI tracts so you'll want to be careful about what/how much you feed them.

Comment below!  If you've ever had a rabbit did he/she like carrots?  What is your pet's favorite treat?


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