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Playful Pups & Bath Day

Once in awhile people ask me whether or not Kit and Fen get along.  It used to happen more often, I suspect because recently I've been posting more pictures of the dogs together.  They do get along very well!  I've actually been quite happy because it seems that the longer we have Fen, the closer the boys get.

They were not immediately best buds.  Kit is a very sweet and tolerant dog, so he was never mean to Fen at all, but he was for sure only tolerating him at first.  Over time, though, their relationship blossomed.  I suspect that had to do partly with Fen getting older and more mature, and partly with Kit slowly getting used to having another dog around.  Kit was an only dog for around 7 years, after all.

Now they are adorably cute partners in crime!  They often snuggle up together for naps, play together, and, of course, beg together.

I've never actually uploaded a video of the boys playing together.  It's funny because they have their own little play rituals now.  After morning walks they seem to like to race each other back and forth through the apartment while they're waiting for me to get breakfast ready.  Almost everyday they wrestle after dinner.  When Chris gets home from work in the evenings, Kit will always run to the toy box to pick out a toy for him, Fen, and Chris to play with.  Usually Chris wants to unwind from work rather than playing with the dogs, so Kit and Fen will occupy themselves with a rowdy game of tug.

Last week I recorded a bunch of clips of them playing.  I was excited to upload my first video of them playing together!  Unfortunately, when I went to edit the clips I couldn't find them.  I don't know if I accidentally deleted them from my camera, or what happened.  Don't worry, I'll take new videos of them playing soon.  Until then, I do have this bath time video of them...

Chris and I took the dogs to the park and the beach last weekend, so as you can imagine they both came home needing baths.  I think it's cute to see how they both react after baths.  Kit shakes off a bunch and likes to rub himself against furniture to dry off.  How smart is this, he decided to take his after bath nap in front of the window fan which I'm sure helped dry him quicker.  Fen, still very much a hyper pup, tries to dry himself with a series of crazy shakes and spins.  He'll rub himself on the floor more than the furniture, but give him a towel and he knows what to do with it!

Pro-tip - always wash your dogs with a high quality dog shampoo that you like the smell of!  If your dogs are anything like mine, your house/furniture/rugs will end up smelling like their shampoo after bath day.  I use Buddy Wash on my boys and especially enjoy the scent of the lavender and mint formula.  I can't get mad at them for drying off by rubbing themselves all over my furniture when they're making my house smell like relaxing lavender in the process!


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