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Snail Update 10/4/2017

I'm not sure whether there are really a lot of people interested in pet snails, or if my blog is one of just a few about keeping pet snails, but whatever the reason my snail posts have been getting a lot of views lately.  Since you guys seem to want snails, I'll give you snails!

I've had the slimers for just over 3 months now, but I'm pretty sure they're already full grown.  Talk about growing up fast!

All 5 snails are alive and well.  Below I'm going to post a time lapse I took of them after giving them fresh food.  I was hoping I'd be able to catch all (or most) of them eating but apparently only one was hungry.  They've been eating and exploring a bit less since the weather here started cooling down.

I'd post pictures of their enclosure but it's looking kind of boring at the moment.  I've been experimenting with different types of decor inside their tank but, so far, most of the things I've tried giving them they don't really show much interest in.  I'm thinking that if I can find a nice piece of drift wood that might work well for them.  I have to keep their tank on the simple side so that it's easy to clean.  Snails are messy!

I guess that's it for now.  How much can you really write about snails?  They're interesting little pets but don't really do much other than eat and crawl around their tank.  I probably won't post dedicated updates about them too often, but I'll post about them once in awhile for all you snail fans out there!



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