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The “Life” of Lamb

The "life" of lamb, or - the slow demise of a dog's favorite toy...

When I set out to start this post I wasn't aware of exactly how long ago the story had begun.  Then, while searching for pictures of Fen with his favorite toy "lamb" on my Instagram page, I came across that picture to the left.  I originally posted it back in November of 2015, which would make Fen around 3 months old in that picture.  It's not the best picture, I admit, but you should be able to make out that fuzzy white toy Fen has with him.  That is lamb in his prime.  That is Fen's favorite toy.

I don't remember where lamb came from.  I'm pretty sure we got him in a pet subscription box but when I tried to go back and figure out which one it was my search came up empty.  I'm pretty sure we got lamb before we even had Fen.  Kit never showed much interest in this particular toy.  When Fen arrived, we had no shortage of toys.  Lamb had some stiff competition.  I don't really remember Fen taking a particular interest in lamb early on but clearly he did or else I wouldn't have that picture from when he was 3 months old.

Fen loves toys, and plays with quite a few of them on a daily bases, which is probably why I missed his early connection to lamb.  Eventually though, I started to notice that lamb seemed to be the pick of the litter.  I remember thinking it was kind of funny.  Fen looks like a little wolf and his favorite toy is a sheep!  Fen still plays with lots of other toys, but he would play with lamb everyday, often times even carrying him around the house and sleeping with him too.

And so Fen had selected his favorite toy.  Cute!  Well...cute except for one problem.  Lamb didn't seem to be an especially durable toy.  Once Fen's interest in him grew he quickly started loosing limbs.  Lamb went from a healthy four legged lamb to...well....this...

No legs!  Ok, we can work with that.  Fen didn't really seem to mind, after all.  Unfortunately though, lamb's deterioration didn't stop with his legs.  No matter how bad lamb looked Fen still loved him.  It's adorable, but Fen's continued attentions hasn't had a positive effect on lamb.  This is the most recent picture I have of the two of them...

Lambs really not much more than a rag at this point.  He's kind of creepy looking if I'm honest, and is only going to get worse.  I tried SO hard to find a replacement lamb.  Unfortunately it seems that lamb is an out of production toy, so the company that made him, FouFouDog, doesn't make this particular toy anymore.  I emailed the company to see if they might have a secret lamb stash that I could get my hands on, but they never replied.  I found a couple of stores online that had lambs listed for sale but none of them actually had any in stock.  I even posted on my social media pages to see if perhaps someone had a lamb laying around that they could send me, but had no luck there either.

So I switched tactics to see if perhaps I could get Fen to select a new favorite toy.  Like I mentioned above he actually has quite a few that he'll play with on a regular bases.  Once in awhile he'll almost seem like he'll select a new favorite.  He'll pick one to play with more often than all the others, and will carry it around like he does with lamb, but it never seems to last long.  He'll give it special attention for a few days then, for whatever reason, will stop and go back to lamb again.

What to do.  I could probably just throw lamb away and then he wouldn't have the option of defaulting back to lamb all the time.  So far I haven't been able to bring myself to do it.

I've heard people say that when your dog picks a favorite toy you should buy backups of that toy.  I see why now!  Kit has always been so gentle with his toys. He's had a few of his favorites for going on 9 years now and they are way more intact than Fen's lamb is.  Fen is a ruffian who is not gentle with his toys.

Buying toy backups is well and good when you can actually do it.  But I'm pretty sure lamb came in a subscription box, and was probably already out of production when we got him.  What's a pup to do?  Talk about first world dog problems!

Comment below!  Does your pet have a favorite toy?  Is he/she gentle with it like my Kit or a ruffian like Fen?  Have you ever bought backups of your pet's favorite toy?



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