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Two Years of Having Two Dogs

The first picture I ever got of Kit & Fen snuggling together!

We've had Fenrir for just a bit over 2 years now!  Although we celebrated his 2nd birthday on August 1st, he actually joined our pack on September 27th, 2015.  I say stuff like this all the time, but it's crazy to me that two years have passed so quickly.  In a way it feels like Fenrir has been a part of our family forever, but in other ways he still very much feels like the new kid on the block.  Owning two dogs at once for the first time in my life has been an interesting experience with, if I'm honest, both pros and cons.  I'll say up front though that I adore both my little boys and even though they can make life a bit crazy at times, I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Before we decided to make Fenrir a part of our family I spoke with quite a few multiple dog owners about the intricacies of going from one dog to two.  I got back a verity of responses ranging from "you won't even notice a second one is there" to "two dogs is WAY more work than just one".  Personally I've found that the reality, for our pack at least, falls somewhere in between the two extremes...

  • Two dogs, for sure, is more work than just one!  They each need to be groomed, need to be walked, trained, played with, etc, etc, etc.  Not only do I have to manage and care for them both as individuals but I also had to learn how to manage them as a pair.  Are they playing too rough?  Is one stealing food from the other?  The list goes on.
  • One barking dog is annoying, two is miserable.  When you have more than one dog training flaws or behavioral issues can become a bigger deal.  Don't believe me?  Try walking two dogs at once, each of which has a handful of things they are reactive too, down a busy city street.  Kit doesn't like cats.  Fen is afraid of people on bikes.  Now put the two together and wait until you walk down a street with both feral cats and a biker.  I'll tell you one thing, it for sure made me wish I had worked more on Kit's cat reactivity before adding another dog into the mix.  It's also a big reason why 95% of the time I only walk one of my boys at a time.
  • They do enjoy each others company...most of the time.  I love seeing my boys playing or snuggling together.  They are awesome at keeping each other entertained while I'm working or otherwise engaged.  But Kit, being the older dog, isn't always as hyper as Fen is, and has a greater appreciation for relaxation.  Sometimes Kit needs a break from Fen.
  • And sometimes I need a break from dealing with two dogs at once.  I love both my boys, but sometimes I do miss that special 1 on 1 connection you have when you only have one dog to shower all your attention on.  At least once a day I try to spend 1 on 1 time with each of my boys.
  • More dogs are more expensive.  My dogs are both on the smaller side so I can't really complain about how much I spend to feed them, but double the vet bills can really suck.
  • But, at the end of the day, more dogs means more love.  The extra work, to me, is worth it.  With two dogs I always have at least one who wants to play with me, or snuggle with me, even if the other one isn't really feeling it.  I love watching my boys interact with each other.  My favorite part of each day is at the end of the day, after all my work and chores are done, my fiance, both the dogs, and I all pile up on the couch to relax a bit before bed.

Life with two active dogs, especially in a city apartment, isn't always tail wags and puppy kisses, but I adore both of my boys and love having two dogs.  Comment below!  When/if you've ever gone from having one dog (or any other type of pet) to two (or more) what are some things you didn't expect or that surprised you?


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