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Celebrating Our 7th Blogiversary – Name the Blog Betta!

Tomorrow, October 28th, marks the 7 year anniversary of the day Paw Print Pet Blog was created!  How crazy is that?  Our first post ever, way back in 2010, was about betta fish.  The red/blue/white betta fish pictured in that post was named Courage.  I got Courage (the cowardly betta) while I was still in college.  When I graduated from college and moved 4 hours away to live with my then boyfriend, Courage came with me.  He survived the move despite being quite old by then and enjoyed living with us in our new apartment until 2010, when he peacefully passed away.  Courage was not my first betta fish but he was my last...until now!

I've been telling my (now)fiance for years now that I missed keeping aquariums.  At the same time I was talking myself out of setting any up.  Long story short(er), after much debate, a couple of months ago now I set up a planted freshwater community tank.  After it finished cycling and the plants had some time to grow in I stocked it with pygmy corydoras, pink ramshorn snails, and N class black bar Endlers.  But something was missing...I really wanted a betta!

I'll write another post sometime about keeping bettas in community tanks because yes, it is possible.  With a backup plan in place in case my new scaly friend didn't do well in the community tank, my betta search began.  Eventually I found a breeder with amazingly beautiful (at least I thought so) black dragon half moon plakat bettas for sale.  I bought one and eagerly awaited his arrival.  Imagine my surprise when not one betta showed up, but two!

I appreciated the gesture of the breeder sending me a free fish but it caused a bit of a problem.  I only had one tank!  I played around with the idea of keeping one of the fish and rehoming the other but, in my typical fashion, I couldn't decide which one to keep and just ended up keeping them both!  My fiance named the female Nessie.  She's been very happily living in our community tank for exactly two weeks today.

I ended up buying a smaller nano tank for the male betta.  He is also doing very well.  This is actually my first time owning plakat type bettas and how active they are surprised me.  If you had told me 6 months ago that I'd be buying "toys" for fish I would probably have rolled my eyes at you.  The Paw Pack house...where even the fish are spoiled!

Despite having both bettas for awhile now the male still doesn't have a name.  But I have a very good reason for not naming him yet.  I want you, dear readers, to name him!

I figured with our 7 year blogiversary coming up, and my first ever post being about bettas afterall, that it would be symbolic to have a naming contest and allow my readers to name him - our blog betta!

Enter your name idea via the form below.  Submissions will be accepted for the next two weeks.  On Friday, November 10th I'm going to look over all the submissions.  To narrow them down a bit, my fiance and I are each going to select our top 5 favorites out of all the names submitted.  I figured that's a better way to narrow down the names then to just do it randomly.  After that I'll create a poll with the top 10 finalists so that everyone can help select the winning name.

Name submissions are now closed!  Check back soon to vote in the name poll!!

The blog fish is curious and very active.  He loves food and has already learned how to beg for snacks when he sees people near his tank.  He is for sure a he.  The picture that says "Nessie" on it is obviously our female fish, but the other two pictures in this post are of our boy.

Good luck everyone and thanks in advance for helping me to name our new addition!  I also wanted to take this time to thank everyone who has been a part of our blogging journey over the past 7 years.  This blog started as a way for me to write about my passion for animals but, unexpectedly for me, one of the best things to come of it thus far has been all the amazing people I've met along the way.   I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

33 thoughts on “Celebrating Our 7th Blogiversary – Name the Blog Betta!

  1. Tenacious Little Terrier

    Happy Blogiversary! And yes, your fish are spoiled! I haven't had fish before but I hear their care is more involved than you would think.

    1. Michelle @ Paw Print Pet Blog

      Thanks! Yeah they aren't as easy to care for as some people would think. The hardest part, I think, is making sure your tank is properly cycled and your water stays nice and clean. Aquarium water can look crystal clear but actually be toxic if you're not maintaining things correctly. I spend more time than most people would probably think taking care of my tanks but I really enjoy it so I'm not complaining! 🙂

  2. Kristen @ My 3 Little Kittens

    Happy Blogversary!!!!! My vote is for Sebastian. Nice way to mark 7 years as well!

  3. Heather Wallace

    Happy blogversary! I have a dragon scale beta we named "Georgie" a la George and the Dragon. He's living the life in a 3 gallon tank and I will provide him a mirror toy to play with every once in awhile. But he has plants and everything. Good luck with the naming!

    1. Michelle @ Paw Print Pet Blog

      Sounds similar to my boys set up. His tank isn't huge (2.6 gallons) but it's planted, filtered and heated. I have a mirror toy for mine too! I'm hoping to upgrade his tank size when I can, but he does seem happy in what he's in now. Thanks for your comment!

  4. chakrap2

    Congratulations on having come this far! I named my blog yrofthemonkey since I love Monkeying around! It was so much fun to read about your Betta fish and how you started on your blog.

  5. Karlee

    This is such a sweet story that I'm sure you'll be telling for years about your blog fish and how he got his name! I can't wait to see what is chosen!

  6. Cathy Armato

    I loved having fish tanks when I was growing up, we had several both fresh water & salt water. Two of my favorites were my all-goldfish tank with various kinds of goldfish, and my invertebrate salt water tank with just anemones, sea horses, and banded coral shrimp. I named your fish Spike because in one of the photos it looks like his fins are spikey, LOL!

  7. Edie ThePug

    Congrats on your anniversary! We love Betta fish in our home. It was the first fish I bought for my son when he was younger and although we don't have one now, we have had a few of them - they are so colourful and have the greatest fan tails.

  8. Talent Hounds

    Congrats on 7 years. My husband and his brothers keep fish in ponds and tanks. I love watching them, especially if they beg for food. We had a betta but it died in an accident moving house.

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  10. Shayla Oliver

    Congrats on the 7 years! We have an awesome Betta here, by the name of Blue Fish 😂 and of course he is blue...and was named by my 6 year old 😂

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