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Feed Your Pet the Best Diet Possible – Starting Now

I still can't believe that my "puppy" Kitsune turned 9 last month!  Last weekend my fiance and I took both the dogs to the park and someone asked us how old they are.  He seemed quite surprised when we told him Kit's age, which seems to be a common theme.  Kit may be a senior dog by many people's standards, but Kit doesn't seem to know that - and he's got the rest of the world fooled too.  I'm proud to say that at 9 years old Kit can still give his 2 year old 'brother' a run for his money, and he's got more pep than most dogs we meet during our adventures, even the ones who are much younger than he is.

The other day a friend of mine was asking me for advice regarding her 6 year old dog who, sadly, was recently diagnosed with cancer.  She knows that I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to my dogs' health and was specifically asking whether or not I thought switching her dog to a higher quality food could potentially help her cancer battle.

While I'll never be one to disagree when an owner wants to explore their options for improving their pet's diet, it's sad to me that so often the topic of a healthier diet seems to only appear on owners' radars once their pet is already ill.  You know that saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"?  IMO that saying very much applies to our pets, especially so when we're discussing the topic of healthy, high quality diets.

I very much contribute Kitsune's continued good health to the fact that throughout his life I've been very conscious about health topics such as what I feed him.  I've been known to tell people that I believe that feeding my dogs high quality foods has probably been the single best thing I've done for them health wise.  An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.  Yes, feeding higher quality foods can sometimes be more expensive if you are only taking into account food costs.  But you have to look at the bigger picture!

I very much believe that by keeping Kitsune healthy, by feeding him a high quality diet, I've saved dog knows how much money on vet bills.  At 9 years old Kitsune has never had any major medical issues.  I've never had to pay for things like getting his teeth cleaned (bones and healthy chews see to that for me).  Even more important than saving money - I get the joy of being able to watch my 9 year old dog play like a puppy everyday.  I get to take him on adventures with me rather than having to leave him at home.  I get to see him continue to approach life with an immeasurable amount of excitement and puppy smiles because he is healthy, happy, and pain free.  Hopefully his continued amazing health will mean I'll get to spend many more precious years with my best buddy.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying a diet change is going to be a miracle preventative for every potential illness etc out there.  Dogs that eat amazing diets can still get cancer, and still get old.  But IMO, like in humans, feeding your pets as good a diet as possible can go a long way towards keeping them healthier for longer - And the earlier you start the better!

If you're reading this and your pet is currently healthy, but you've been considering doing some research into improving his/her diet - my advice is to do it!  Start now.  I know pet owners don't like to think about these things, but someday your dog will be old.  Someday he may become ill.  Someday it may be to late to greatly improve his/her life with something as simple as a diet change.  Don't wait until your pet is dying to do something that could greatly benefit him/her starting now.

9 thoughts on “Feed Your Pet the Best Diet Possible – Starting Now

  1. Montecristo Travels

    We spent MONTHS studying dog diet... it helps that we are obsessed with the human diet though. So food and it's helping powers and role in health is already "what we do". My husband is a senior fitness model, we are vegan I am fascinated by nutrition etc. We make his food. Fresh. He's not 7.5 years and .... he has been ill once when he ate a goose poop that had salmonella in it. Our vet - who would love to sell us the vet office food - can't deny that he is pretty much the healthiest Chihuahua she knows. So she no longer gives us the "human food is bad" talk. LOL

    1. Michelle @ Paw Print Pet Blog

      Very cool! I'm not quite vegan but am a vegetarian myself and also make my dogs' food. Finding a vet that agrees with homemade pet foods can be tough. I went through a few before I found an awesome holistic vet who actually recommends homemade/raw diets.

  2. Dash Kitten in NZ

    We have eight cats so diet study gets lost in the daily melee of feedings unless it's Harvey with his special renal diet. I have some great advice on renal foods or substitutes from a friend who does a lot of older cat rescue work so, OK, maybe I watch Harvey's senior diet like a hawk!!

  3. Ruth Epstein

    I am very strict with Layla's diet and treats as it is so important especially as she is going to be 11 this year. I cook for her plus make all her treats and yesterday saw her vet and he could not believe how healthy she is. Made me feel good

  4. Debbie Bailey

    I couldn't agree with this more! I am constantly searching for ways to provide my pack with better nutrition, better exercise, and even better treats. Keeping your dog healthy and fit go a long way in preventing injury and illness, especially as they age. Our oldest right now is 11 years old and he's going stronger than ever, which is pretty impressive for a large dog. I attribute so much of that to his diet and exercise routine. Great post

  5. Tenacious Little Terrier

    Mr. N is the same way. So much pep! And yes, I do think part of it is due to a healthy diet.

  6. Jill Caren - CharityPaws

    My 2 pitties lived to 14 and 14.5 and we never gave much thought to feeding --- we fed them a really good brand of dog feed, but never went overboard with much else. Sometimes I think we were lucky when I hear so much about how so many foods are causing illnesses.....

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