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Back in July perhaps our strangest pets, our 5 land snails, made their Paw Print debut.  We've had them since June, almost 3 full months now, and they've grown an insane amount since we got them.  All 5 of them are still alive and well, even Escargot who had a cracked shell and Princess Polka ...continue reading "Where to Get Pet Snails"

I'm not sure whether there are really a lot of people interested in pet snails, or if my blog is one of just a few about keeping pet snails, but whatever the reason my snail posts have been getting a lot of views lately.  Since you guys seem to want snails, I'll give you snails!


Happy Friday! 🙂  Here we are, at the end of another month.  I skipped doing my monthly pet favorites post last month, mostly because Barnaby passed away near the end of the month and then I took some time off from blogging.  To be honest, I didn't spend all that much money on my pets ...continue reading "September 2017 Pet Favorites"

Garden Snails (Cornu Aspersum) Hatch day (estimate): June 21, 2017 BAM!, Escargot, Q, Turtle, and Princess Polka Dot are captive bred garden snails.  The pictures above are of them as babies, but they are growing fast!  Snails may be unorthodox pets, but they are interesting animals and I personally find their weird little alien faces ...continue reading "Invertebrates"


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