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Hello!  Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog!

My name is Michelle.  I have a bachelors of science degree in biology, with a concentration in wildlife and environmental management.  Growing up, I couldn't see myself doing anything other than working with animals.  While in college, I discovered my love of writing.  After graduating I started working as a freelance writer, combining my two passions by writing mostly about pets, wildlife, and environmental issues.  My current "day job" is as a copy editor.  I'm also working on a novel that I hope to, eventually, get published.

I started Paw Print Pet Blog in October of 2010 hoping that, by writing about what I love, I could help to improve the lives of animals and the humans who love them!  The Paw Print Pet Forums, a place where animal lovers can come together to chat, are a more recent addition to the site.  The forums went live in 2014.

aYou can visit "The Paw Pack" section drop downs (links above) to learn more about my current furry (and scaly!) family members.  I post about all of them quite frequently.  When I'm not working, spending time with my fiance and our pets, or writing, I enjoy spending time outdoors, gardening, crafting, and reading.  I usually keep pretty busy.  The biggest constant in my life is that no matter what I'm doing, my amazing Papillon Kitsune is almost always by my side (or sitting on top of me, as the case may be).

  • Lynn Simpson

    Thank you for accepting me. I'll enjoy your daily blog.

    • Michelle

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  • We are a family dedicated to the betterment of our "furry friends". We have recently started a monthly pet box subscription business called Furry Friends Club, and would like to enlist you to spread our "mission". We provide a convenient and economical way to "pamper" your "furry friend" with the highest quality snacks, treats and food. We are constantly looking for the most "unique" "hard to find" products for all "furry friends". Every item in our subscription box is made right here in the great USA.

    We have partnered with a few local shelters and rescues to bring awareness to the "forgotten" and "misplaced" animals in our community. We decided early on, to make it our mission through the sale of our "boxes" to donate no less than 10% to these worthy causes. We will do everything we can to place these animals in loving homes.

    Can you help us in our business as well as spread the "word" for us?

    Thank you.

    Furry Friends Club
    Rick Permanand

    • Michelle

      Hi Rick! Thanks for stopping by. I can certainly add Furry Friends Club to my List of Subscription Boxes for Pets post. I've written reviews for a couple of other pet subscription box services and would be happy to review Furry Friends Club as well if that would be something you'd be interested in. Thanks again for stopping by.

  • don
    • That particular post isn't scheduled to go live until December 1st. Check back on Monday Dec. 1st and you should be able to see it then! Sorry for any confusion.

  • Ravyne Hawke

    Hey Michelle! I just joined your blog so I can keep up with you during the A-to-Z Challenge, but I look forward to getting to know you before then too! Be seeing you around the Blog'verse!

    • Michelle

      Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I'm really looking forward to the A-to-Z Challenge this year!

  • Miss Harper aLee

    Just found you through the A to Z Challenge and signed up to follow. I know, I'm a little behind, but plan on catching up with all your great posts now that the challenge of the challenge is over. 😉


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