Until recently, I had never heard of the company PinchMe.  Basically they are a company that will send you a box full of free product samples in return for your honest feedback.  I'm the type of person, as I'm sure many of you are, who enjoys trying out new products - especially if I can try them for free!  A PinchMe rep recently reached out asking if we'd help promote their Puppy Palooza giveaway, which was how I originally heard about the company. ...continue reading "PinchMe Puppy Palooza"


ppppA lot of people have been asking me whether Kit and Fen get along and if they do, why I don't have many pictures of them together.  They do get along!  Over the past year Kit has been very patient dealing with puppy Fen.  I know puppies are not always easy to live with, even for other dogs.  There have been times when I'm sure Fen has gotten on Kit's nerves, but as Fen has grown and become better behaved the boys relationship has really flourished. ...continue reading "Kit and Fen Together"



qeqeI never claimed to be an amazing photographer.  Most of my photos are taken on my cell phone, which is probably my first mistake.  I do have a nicer camera, but it's usually so much easier for me to just grab my cell phone.

Kitsune always makes getting decent pictures of him easy.  He's always been really photogenic, and is an expert at sitting still so I can get a good shoot.  Fen, as cute as he is, is really hard for me to take good pictures of.  Mostly because he's a hyper little guy and is always on the go! ...continue reading "Fen’s Birthday Outtakes"