Acadia Antlers, a company that sells moose antler dog chews, has been hosting weekly photo contests on their Facebook page.  All you have to do to enter is "like" them on Facebook, and then share a photo of your pet on their wall.  Acadia Antler staff members select 3 lucky winners each week, and send them free antlers!  As you may have already guessed from the photo above, Kitsune was selected as one of the weekly winners back around the end of May.  He received his free antler chews recently and we figured this would be a great opportunity to write an Acadia Antlers review! ...continue reading "Acadia Antlers Review!"

DSCN1765Kitsune and I love to spend time at our local park.  Sometimes staying for a few hours at a time, especially in the warm/hot weather, means that I have to have a way to provide Kitsune with fresh, clean water while we're there.  For the past couple of years, I've been using plastic bags as makeshift water bowls for Kit.  But not anymore!

We recently got to try out a Kyjen Outward Hound Port A Bowl.  These soft, portable water or food bowls come in a few different colors and two sizes, and cost under $6 on Amazon. ...continue reading "Kyjen Outward Hound Port A Bowl Review"


March 9th was my birthday, and Kitsune (yes Kitsune!) gave me this adorable mahogany paw print pet desk frame as a birthday gift.  One section of the frame is a normal picture frame, to hold a picture of your little fuzz butt.  The other section is a shadow box, and the frame comes with everything you need to take clay castings of your pet's paw(s).
...continue reading "Mahogany Pearhead Paw Prints Pet Desk Frame Review"


1Monthly subscription boxes for pets are becoming very popular for pet owners looking for a fun way to spoil their pets!

** Post last updated September 20th, 2016 **

Kitsune and I have been reviewing different pet boxes since around 2012!  Since this list continues to be one of the most popular posts on my blog, I regularly edit it to include any new pet subscription boxes we learn about, or to remove ones that are no longer available.

When I originally posted this list, it was rather short.  It's grown significantly over the years.  If you know of any pet subscription box services that I neglected to add to my list, please feel free to comment below!  I've organized the list into categories based on what types of pets they are for, to make it easier to find boxes for each particular type of pet.  Boxes listed at the top of each category are ones that we've had the opportunity to review ourselves!

...continue reading "List of Subscription Boxes for Pets"

a It still feels so weird to type "2013"!  I hope that everyone is enjoying their start to the new year.  It's hard to believe that January is almost over already!

Kitsune was very happy to receive his January BarkBox yesterday!  I don't know why, but shipping took longer than usual this month.  We got our tracking number on Jan.17th, and usually shipping only takes a few days, but for some reason it took our box over a week to get to us this month.  Oh well, at least it got here! ...continue reading "January 2013 BarkBox Review"

This is one (of the many) new toys Kitsune got on Christmas.  It's a Kyjen Tennis Ball Slider puzzle, and retails for about $15 on Amazon.  Kitsune is, as most Papillons are, a really really smart dog.  I've thought about getting him puzzle toys before, but this is the first one we've ever tried with him. ...continue reading "Kyjen Tennis Ball Slider Puzzle Toy Review"


Although black Friday and cyber Monday sales may now be over, that doesn't mean it's too late to find your furry friend the perfect holiday gift!  If you're having a bit of trouble deciding what to get your pup this year, don't worry - because Kitsune is here to help!  Kitsune is one very spoiled Papillon, and toy testing happens to be one of his favorite hobbies (right up there with stealing dirty socks and snacking)!  Below you will find a list of Kitsune's top 10 favorite toys/chews of 2012.  So if you're still trying to think of what to leave Fido under the Christmas tree this year, perhaps one (or more!) of Kitsune's favorites would make a good gift for your dog too!   ...continue reading "Kitsune’s Top 10 Dog Gifts 2012"


It's Kitsune's favorite time of the month again.  His November BarkBox arrived!  For anyone who's new to my blog, or still doesn't know, BarkBox is a monthly subscription of goodies for your dog!  When you join, you can choose to sign up for 1 month, 3, or 6.  Then once a month, for however many months you signed up for, the BarkBox team sends your dog a box full of high quality surprise toys and treats!

We signed Kitsune up for BarkBox for the first time back in July of this year, and have been receiving it every month since then.  Kitsune gets sooo excited when I give him his box, it's really cute!

If you are interested in signing your own dog up - you can use this link to get $5 off your first subscription!  Plus, when you use our affiliate link, Kitsune gets a free month of BarkBox!  So thank you, from Kitsune, to anyone who signs up using our link. 🙂 ...continue reading "November BarkBox Review!"


I hope no one is getting sick of our monthly BarkBox reviews.  For anyone who doesn't already know, BarkBox is a subscription service that you can sign up with for your dog.   It's $29 for one month, or you can order a longer subscription and save money.  A 3 month subscription is only $22 per month, so I guess $66, and a 7 month subscription is $17.50 per month, so a total of $105.  Each month, the lovely people at BarkBox will send your dog a package full of surprise goodies.  We subscribed to BarkBox back in July, and got a 3 month subscription.  We also got one free box sent to us this month because someone signed up using our affiliate code (Kitsune sends you big sloppy puppy kisses, whoever you are!!).   We will be for sure renewing our subscription before next month's boxes go out.   BarkBox is awesome. ...continue reading "October 2012 BarkBox Review!"