It's Kitsune's favorite time of the month again.  His November BarkBox arrived!  For anyone who's new to my blog, or still doesn't know, BarkBox is a monthly subscription of goodies for your dog!  When you join, you can choose to sign up for 1 month, 3, or 6.  Then once a month, for however many months you signed up for, the BarkBox team sends your dog a box full of high quality surprise toys and treats!

We signed Kitsune up for BarkBox for the first time back in July of this year, and have been receiving it every month since then.  Kitsune gets sooo excited when I give him his box, it's really cute!

If you are interested in signing your own dog up - you can use this link to get $5 off your first subscription!  Plus, when you use our affiliate link, Kitsune gets a free month of BarkBox!  So thank you, from Kitsune, to anyone who signs up using our link. 🙂 ...continue reading "November BarkBox Review!"


I hope no one is getting sick of our monthly BarkBox reviews.  For anyone who doesn't already know, BarkBox is a subscription service that you can sign up with for your dog.   It's $29 for one month, or you can order a longer subscription and save money.  A 3 month subscription is only $22 per month, so I guess $66, and a 7 month subscription is $17.50 per month, so a total of $105.  Each month, the lovely people at BarkBox will send your dog a package full of surprise goodies.  We subscribed to BarkBox back in July, and got a 3 month subscription.  We also got one free box sent to us this month because someone signed up using our affiliate code (Kitsune sends you big sloppy puppy kisses, whoever you are!!).   We will be for sure renewing our subscription before next month's boxes go out.   BarkBox is awesome. ...continue reading "October 2012 BarkBox Review!"


On Monday, September 17th, Kitsune received his September BarkBox.  It ended up being really good timing for us this month.  I had a lot of extra work to get done in the beginning of the week so was happy that Kitsune got a few new chews & toys to keep him busy for a bit while I worked.

We paid for a 3 month subscription of BarkBox and this months box was our last one.  However, we did earn one free box thanks to someone who used our referral code (thanks, whoever you are!) so Kitsune will be getting a free box in October.  So far, our experience with BarkBox has been good and we are planning on renewing our subscription again after next month.

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Is it a bowl?  Is it a disc?  It's both!  This is the ThrowBowl...

It's made by PAWW, the same company that sells those awesome Pick Pocket Leashes and Pick Pocket Pouches that I've reviewed here before.

The ThrowBowl currently comes in 3 colors - blue, green, and orange.  It is made of a BPA, PC, and phthalate free elastomer (rubber) that is strong, but soft enough that it won't hurt your dog's mouth.  The ThrowBowl currently retails for $18.95.  You can get it through Amazon to take advantage of their free shipping program (if you buy other items so your order comes to over $25), or directly from PAWW's website.

The ThrowBowl is pretty cool.  The side of the bowl can be folder over on itself to make the lip of the bowl shorter, making it a perfect frisbee!

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Some of you may remember that awhile back I wrote a review for the PAWW Pick Pocket Pouch.  The awesome people at PAWW recently sent me their Pick Pocket Leash, and a ThrowBowl (look for our ThrowBowl review later on this week) to try out and review.

For those Amazon geeks like myself, the Pick Pocket Leash retails on Amazon.com for around $30.  On the PAWW website (link above) it's about the same price.  The leash comes in 5 different colors - red, black, blue, green, and orange.  It's a 5' leash with the handle clipped, and is made from very strong ripstop nylon and lightweight polyester mesh.  The leash is lightweight, but seems to be very strong.  It also has some awesome, very innovative features that I've never experienced on a leash before.

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Kitsune received his August BarkBox  this past Monday.  He was VERY happy when he realized that the box at the door was for him!  I let him open the box himself again.  It's so cute watching him opening his own mail.

Not that the BarkBox we received last month was bad, but I think Kitsune enjoyed this months a lot more.  He could actually eat more of the treats, and he enjoyed the plush toy they sent this month a lot more than the plastic(?) one he got last month.  This was what he got this month...

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Have you ever heard of BarkBox before??

It's a monthly box of surprise goodies for your dog!  Kitsune is very spoiled, and I'm always on the lookout for new stuff to buy him.  When I heard about BarkBox, I thought it was an awesome idea, and a great way to check out dog products that I may have never even heard of before!

At the beginning of this month, my fiance signed Kit up for 3 months of BarkBox.  It comes in 3 sizes depending on how big your dog is - small, medium, or large.  Even though Kit is a toy breed dog, he's 19 lbs and very rough on his toys.  We decided to get him the medium sized box rather than the small.  We figured that this way, maybe some of the toys/chews would last him a bit longer.

BarkBox ships on the 15th of every month.  The 15th this month was a Sunday so they shipped on the 16th instead.  We got our BarkBox in the mail via USPS on Wednesday the 18th.  So 2 days later - not bad! (Keep reading for our review & Kitsune's Friday video!!)

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I have another product review today.  This one is for the PAWW Pick Pocket Pouch.  I don't know how long this company has been around.  I just found out about them recently.  They have some pretty unique and innovative products, including leashes and collars with built in pockets, and collapsible pet bowls that double as Frisbees.

For quite awhile I had been looking for a better way to carry around poop bags while walking Kit.  I tried those plastic bag roll holders that you can buy at a lot of grocery stores, but didn't really like them.  They are kind of bulky, and you can only use them with dog poop bag rolls that you have to keep buying separately.  So for most of Kit's life, I've resorted to cramming my pockets full of plastic grocery bags before heading out for a walk.  At least this way I could reuse bags instead of having to buy special bags just to pick up poop.

I found the PAWW Pick Pocket Pouch on Amazon.  They are $15.95 there, and because you can get them shipped directly from Amazon they are eligible for the Super Saver Shipping.  I've only had/been using mine for around 2 weeks now, but so far really like it.  Picking up poops is, lets face it, probably one of the least enjoyable parts of owning a dog.  But when my PAWW Pouch got here I was excited to try it out!

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I mentioned the other day that my friday post/Kitsune video this week was going to be a Buddy Belt review!  This post may get a bit long, so bear with me here.  If you're not interested in Buddy Belts you might want to skip this post.  Or maybe just watch the video, where I briefly summarize a lot of the stuff I wrote here.

I first heard about Buddy Belts from a group of other dog owners.  They came highly recommended.  Just about the only negative thing I heard about them was that they are expensive.  A lot more expensive than some other decent types of dog harnesses.  But, according to what I heard, they are suppose to be worth the high price.

For those of you who may have never heard of these harnesses before - they were originally developed in 1997, inspired by a miniature Dachshund named Buddy.  Buddy Belt's are designed to reduce stress on your dogs neck - something that is important especially for smaller breed dogs who can be prone to tracheal collapse.  The harnesses are made out of leather, and come in an array of colors and sizes.

I received Kit's Buddy Belt from FunnyFur.com on June 15th, 2012.  We've been using it for just a few days shy of a month now.  This review will detail my opinions on it during that time.  These harnesses are suppose to be, from what I've heard, really durable.  I may write another review on them once we've been using ours for longer, to let you all know how it held up.

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According to The American Pet Product Association, in 2010 American pet owners will spend an estimated $47.7 billion on their pets! Pets have become a normal part of American society. With that in mind, many owners will soon be looking for holiday gifts for their furry friends.

My dog, Kitsune, just so happens to be an expert when it comes to dog toys! If you're looking for Christmas present ideas for a dog who also enjoys toys, you might consider some of the toys on this list.
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