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Like most people these days, I tend to spend more time on social media sites than I probably should.  Facebook especially is the one I have a hard time staying away from.  I use it to chat with friends that I probably wouldn't otherwise talk to as often, and I've become a big fan of Facebook groups.  Over time I've joined quite a few pet related FB groups - no surprise there I'm sure.  They can be a fun place to chat with other like minded animal lovers.   ...continue reading "Oversharing Our Pets Online – Where Do You Draw the Line?"

66Ahoy buckos! This day be speak like a scurvy pirate day!  The amazing Mr. Kit is quite fond of this 'holiday', mostly because his people talk funny and act silly, and he gets to wear his pirate costume!  My boys are the talk of the town on a normal day, always attracting lots of attention during walks - so just imagine how many heads Kit turns strutting down the street dressed as a pirate.  Kit is a social butterfly (get it...he's a Papillon!) and just adores all the extra attention. ...continue reading "Did Pirates Keep Pets?"


ppppLet's talk cats!  I don't post about cats often.  Growing up, I (perhaps surprisingly) was a card carrying member of team cat.  I like that they are generally quieter than dogs are.  I've always felt that they are a bit easier to care for too, especially since you don't have to walk them 3+ times a day.  Unfortunately my fiance is allergic to cats, which is the biggest reason why we don't have any. ...continue reading "My Favorite Cat Breeds"

ppppWe survived the 2016 April Blogging from A to Z Blog Challenge!  I wanted to take this time to thank those of you who stopped by our blog to visit during the challenge.  Whether you read every post or just a few, took the time to comment or not, we appreciate each and every one of our readers! ...continue reading "Reflecting Back On Our April A to Z Blog Challenge"



NThis will probably be the boys least favorite day of the A to Z Challenge!

Because N is for nothing.  The A to Z Challenge is half way over, and I have to admit I've been feeling a bit worn out lately.  On top of working on 6+ blogs a week, working on other blog related things (editing videos, etc), work has been giving me extra hours, and I have a couple of crafting projects I need to finish by the end of next week.  Plus, I can't slack when it comes to taking care of the pack. ...continue reading "N is for Nothing"


ppppHow crazy is it that it's already almost April?  It feels like just last week that we were writing entries for the 2015 Blogging from A to Z Challenge!  If you're not familiar with this yearly event you can check out the main website here, but basically it's a challenge where bloggers post everyday (except for Sundays) in April.  Last year was our first year taking part in the challenge, and we decided not to go with a theme.  This year I decided to let my dogs, Kitsune and Fenrir, help me select a theme, which by now you've probably already guessed. ...continue reading "April 2016 Blogging from A to Z Challenge"


663Today is Paw Print's 5 year blogiversary!  Our first post ever went up on October 28th, 2010.  For a few years prior I had been writing (mostly pet themed articles) for other websites.  I eventually decided that I wanted a place where I could host my writing on my own, and Paw Print Pet Blog was born!  It's crazy that it's been 5 years already! ...continue reading "Paw Print Pet Blog’s 5 Year Blogiversary!"



It's so crazy to me that tomorrow is already the first day of September!  We've been dealing with pretty hot temperatures here, so I'm hoping the new month brings some cool weather with it.  Speaking of first of the month, have you ever heard of the theory that if you say the words "rabbit, rabbit", or some form thereof, that you'll have good luck all month long?  ...continue reading "Rabbit, Rabbit!"


66I'm tagging this as a Paw Pack Update despite the fact that it's more about me than my pets.  Hey, I guess I'm technically part of the pack right?  So last November, over 6 months ago now, I briefly mentioned on one of my update posts that I had been basically attacked, as silly as that sounds, by a feral cat.  On the advice of the local police/animal control I ended up going to the ER because of it.  I had to start receiving post exposure rabies treatment, which basically just meant I had to get a series of rabies shots. ...continue reading "My Rabies Shots Experience"


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