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Birthday: August 1st, 2015 Gotcha Day: September 27th, 2015

Fenrir (Fen/FenFen) is our newest pack member!  He's two years old now (how did that happen!?), and has grown into an amazing little guy.  He loves playing with his big brother Kitsune, with his toys, and going for walks to our local park.  He is almost always up for a game of fetch, and still hasn't grown out of destroying anything paper (it's too much fun).

Fen is shy around strangers, but it's something we're constantly working on with him.  He's been getting better and better around people he doesn't know, and loves other dogs.  He's even pretty well behaved around small animals now, although I make sure not to leave my dogs around smaller pets unsupervised.

FenFen is currently just over 10 lbs.  People who meet him in person are often surprised at how small he is.  If you don't have a frame of reference to judge his size by, he can look much bigger than he is in pictures.  His most unique feature would be his eyes - one is very dark brown and the other is ice blue.  People always seem to want to know if he can see from them both - he can!  Both of his eyes are healthy, they are just different colors.

Although he's two years old now, Fen is very much still full of puppy energy.  We are currently working on training him in obedience, agility, and doggy freestyle.  He's not the easiest dog to train, as he tends to be very easily distracted and is not highly food motivated, but we have lots of fun together all the same.



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