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Anyone who has spent even a short amount of time viewing Paw Print Pet Blog has probably already read about, and seen pictures of, Kitsune.  Kitsune was the original inspiration behind the creation of this blog!  He is a 8 year old tri-color Papillon.  At around 20lbs, he is double the size of a normal, breed standard, Papillon.  He has adorable mismatched ears that fit his crazy personality perfectly!

Kitsune is very hyper, and is an expert at finding new and exciting ways of getting himself into trouble.  He is very friendly, and loves making new friends - both with other animals and with people.  Some of his favorite activities include spending time at the park, playing with toys (plush squeaky toys and tennis balls are his favorites!), being chased, and snuggling with his humans.  You can see Kitsune in action on his Youtube channel!



  • dh_jax

    Love All the pics and video of Kitsune.

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  • Our dog Poppy is part papillon and looks a lot like Kitsune - and also hates the rain!. They are such nice dogs.


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