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I have found childhood memories of helping my mom care for our small tropical community tank.  When I got older and moved off on my own, I almost always had at least one, sometimes quite a few more, aquariums set up.  Bettas are the fish I have the most experience with but I've also kept goldfish and a handful of small tropical species.

After going a couple of years without any aquariums I got bitten by the fish bug and started up a couple of tanks.  I currently have two freshwater aquariums set up.  The smaller of the two contains my male betta and a few pink ramshorn snails.  The other is a tropical community tank that currently houses more snails, N class black bar Endlers, pygmy corydoras, and a single female betta.  You can learn more about each species I keep by visiting their individual pages via "The Paw Pack" menu at the top of our site.


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