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On October 12th, 2017, we added two betta fish into our pack.  I originally planned on getting only one.  The breeder we ordered a single fish from ended up sending us a pair, just trying to be nice (free fish!).  While I appreciated the gesture it caused a bit of a problem because I only had one tank.  In my typical fashion I was having a hard time trying to decide which fish to keep and which to rehome so, long story short, we kept both!  The female, who we named Nessie, happily lives in our tropical community tank.  We ended up buying a new nano tank to house the male, who was named Newton via a contest on our blog!

Both bettas are black dragon half moon plakats.  I stink at taking pictures of them and really haven't been able to do them justice.  They are beautiful fish with shiny silver bodies and black fins.  They were both just 3 months old when I got them so hopefully have long, happy lives ahead of them!


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