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Pygmy Corydoras

We currently have 7 pygmy corydoras that call one of our freshwater community tanks home.  Besides one that is missing an eye (we bought him that way) they all look the same and can't really be told apart.  Because of this, we didn't give them individual names however they rather randomly have all been named "Bruce".  Don't ask, I can't even really explain that one.  My fiance randomly started calling them all Bruce and it stuck.

Pygmy corydoras are small and they're not the most colorful fish but I really enjoy having them in our aquarium.  They seem to have two speeds - fast and asleep.  Whether they are darting around the aquarium, searching for food, schooling together, or sleeping completely motionless they are fascinating fish to watch.  This group of 7 is my first time owning cory catfish but I'm sure they won't be my last.


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