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Thanksgiving 2012 is almost upon us.  This time of the year, countless numbers of pet articles suggest tips for keeping your pets safe around the holidays,  including lists of holiday human foods not to feed your pet.  But did you know, that with a bit of forethought, there are some Thanksgiving foods that are safe to offer your pet in moderation?  So if you have a hard time not giving in to your pooches begging, here are some healthy treat ideas that will make your dog feel like a part of the family during this years' Thanksgiving feast! ...continue reading "Thanksgiving Foods Dogs CAN have!"

Sorry for the not so up to date Kitsune video this week.  We took those short clips and pictures on November 7th, during our first snow storm of the year!  Even though it was over a week ago now, I wanted to make the video anyways.  I love the snow 🙂  We didn't get too much, and it didn't last all that long before melting, but it was pretty while it lasted.

Kitsune loves the snow!  Kind of surprising considering that he hates the rain, and is not a huge fan of the cold.  But he usually seems to enjoy playing in the snow.  I'm hoping we'll get more this year so I can take a video of him playing in it!


Photo Curtsey of Lynne Kirton - Licensed under Creative Commons

I was finally able to take Kitsune out for a decent walk around the park this morning.  There was so much damage to the park during the hurricane (I know I said I wouldn't talk about it anymore - this is it I swear!) that until recently it was closed to the public.  The park was still a mess this morning, but at least it's open now.  Kitsune and I spent our morning walking around getting some much needed fresh air and exercise.

Most people who know me know that I love all animals - geese included!  Our local park is home to a gaggle of Canadian geese.  They are fun to watch, and while I don't have any predigests against the geese themselves, there is something about them that I'm not too fond of - their poop! ...continue reading "Beware of Goose Poop!"


I know, I know, enough about the hurricane already!  I swear after today I won't post about it again!  But I mentioned earlier in the week that I was going to work on a slide show to show some more of the pictures we took after the storm, so here it is...

Not the most exciting Kitsune video this week, I know.  I've been so busy still trying to catch up after missing over a week of work that I didn't have as much time to put a nicer video together.  Next weeks should be better!  Thanks for looking anyways, and I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! 🙂

Whoa posts two days in a row!  I'm breaking from my usual Monday-Wednesday-Friday post schedule to post a picture of what would have been Kitsune's Halloween costume this year...

My knight in shining armor!  I said it 'would have been' his costume this year, because Halloween was canceled here this year!  We didn't have electricity on Halloween, thanks to the storm.  I heard rumors that they were going to reschedule Halloween to be this past Monday instead.  Although we did have our power back by Monday, a large portion of our town was still left in the dark.  So, no Halloween to speak of this year.  We did let Kitsune wear his costume though, and gave him a few extra treats that day. ...continue reading "My Knight in Shining Armor!"

I know, I know, it's called wordless Wednesday!  But I'm going to be a rebel and explain these pictures.  You guys don't mind, right?  Especially considering I couldn't post anything at all last week, thanks to Hurricane Sandy and our week long power outage.

These are random pictures I took of Kitsune and some of the more minor storm damage around our city.  I have some much crazier pictures, but they don't have Kit in them so aren't really pet blog worthy.  I'm probably going to work on a short slide show with more of the pictures I took of the damage after the storm.  As long as I get around to doing it, I'll post the video here when it's finished.

See those buckets?  It rained....inside our kitchen.

The park we usually take Kitsune too is absolutely destroyed.  Soo many of the trees were blown over in the storm.  Unfortunately most of the ones destroyed were the larger, older trees.  The park isn't going to look the same for a long time, it's going to take years for trees to grow to the sizes of a lot of the ones that were blown over.

...continue reading "(Not so) Wordless Wednesday – Kitsune & Hurricane Sandy"

I'd like to apologize to any regular readers for not posting here for awhile.  As most of you can probably tell, I normally try to post at least a few times a week.  However, on Monday October 29th our area was hit hard by hurricane Sandy.  The storm left us without electricity for almost an entire week!  It was quite an adventure.  As of right now, our power and internet is back up and running normally again.  I have A LOT to catch up on after going an entire week without power or internet, but will attempt to resume my regular posting schedule here this week. 🙂

I hope any of my readers also impacted by the hurricane are safe!


I hope no one is getting sick of our monthly BarkBox reviews.  For anyone who doesn't already know, BarkBox is a subscription service that you can sign up with for your dog.   It's $29 for one month, or you can order a longer subscription and save money.  A 3 month subscription is only $22 per month, so I guess $66, and a 7 month subscription is $17.50 per month, so a total of $105.  Each month, the lovely people at BarkBox will send your dog a package full of surprise goodies.  We subscribed to BarkBox back in July, and got a 3 month subscription.  We also got one free box sent to us this month because someone signed up using our affiliate code (Kitsune sends you big sloppy puppy kisses, whoever you are!!).   We will be for sure renewing our subscription before next month's boxes go out.   BarkBox is awesome. ...continue reading "October 2012 BarkBox Review!"


Halloween is right around the corner, and what's cuter this time of year than an already adorable pet dressed up in a cute or silly Halloween costume?  Dressing up our pets can be a fun way to involve them in our Halloween festivities, even if they can't go trick or treating and eat human candy (Why not try making your pup some homemade treats for Halloween?).  However, it's important to remember that Halloween costumes should be comfortable and safe for our furry friends!  Nobody wants to spend their holiday being uncomfortable, or worse in the emergency room, our pets included!  So if you are planning on dressing your pet(s) up this Halloween, have fun, but remember to stay safe as well!  Here are some tips to follow when picking out a costume for your pet...   ...continue reading "How to Choose a Halloween Costume for your Pet"


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