I keep forgetting to post Kitsune's Friday videos on Friday.  Here's the one from yesterday...

I was originally going to do a video of him "talking" in his sleep.  But he's a light sleeper, so the only way I could get a video of him sleeping was to set the video camera on aimed at the couch where he was laying down.  So I got a video of him sleeping, with some cute parts where he's twitching and making sounds and 'chasing squirrels', or in his case probably cats, but the sleeping video was 30 minutes long!  When I sat down to attempt to edit it it was so boring that I nearly fell asleep myself.  Soooo instead I just gave him a chewy and made this video.  Not the most exciting video in the world, but it was more fun to edit!



Things have been a bit crazy here lately, and I've unfortunately been slacking a bit on uploading weekly Kitsune videos.  I did upload one today, although I have to admit that I actually took this video about 2 weeks ago.  Here it is anyways...

Next week I should have more time to sit down and do some video editing, so look for more recent Kitsune footage next friday!

I hope everyone has an amazing friday and a Memorial Day weekend!!

I know I know, retractable leashes can be a hot button topic for dog owners.

But living in the outskirts of NYC, in a upper story apartment with no yard, means that I have to find ways to give Kitsune exercise and space to explore while still keeping him safely away from traffic and other hazards. We have a nice park near our apartment that I take Kitsune to every morning, weather pending, and while we're at the park I put him on a Flexi leash. I let him wonder a bit to explore as long as no other people and/or dogs are around. But I'm sure to keep a close eye on him, and reel him in close to me when anyone else approaches.

Anyways, like the title of this post says, I'm on a quest to find the best retractable leash! The Flexi we use currently is okay, but not perfect. Here is a list of things I think I'd like a retractable leash to have: ...continue reading "On a quest for the best retractable leash!"

That's Kitsune and his "defender", which is a fleece Defenders of Wildlife blanket we got last Christmas. Kitsune's so funny, when it's cold in the house he likes to walk around the house with blankets over him. Makes it so I have to wash his blankets way more often, since he drags parts of them around on the floor and they get dirty, but it's so cute watching him walk around with his blanket capes that it's worth the extra laundry!

Whoa I really slacked off posting here this past week. Here it is, almost Friday again, and I never posted Kitsune's video from last week. Well here it is anyways, if anyone is interested...

And speaking of Himalayan "Cheese" Chews, anyone who "likes" the pet forum Beast Boards on Facebook before May 1st will automatically be entered to win a free medium sized Himalayan chew. You can read more about it here...

It's been a long, slow, pretty normal/boring week, hence my lack of new blog posts. Kitsune is doing well. I actually remembered to come here and post his friday video on friday! Here it is...

So a bit of background. Out of all the tricks Kit knows, "High 5" is by far his favorite, and the one he's best at! Whenever someone has food that he wants, he goes nuts frantically trying to give millions of high 5's to everyone in hopes that his awesomeness will earn him a bit of food. He's usually even more enthusiastic about his high 5's than he was in this video, but we shot the video at about midnight last night and I think Kit was a bit sleepy. I'll have to try to get another high 5 video of him again in the future.

A quick video of Kit enjoying Easter morning!

Yeah I went a bit overboard. The Easter bunny brought Kit 3 new toys and 2 packages of chews. He also hid treat filled Easter eggs around our living room. Kit had a great time searching for all the eggs and playing with his new toys! Now that he's worn out and napping, I can think about starting Easter dinner.

I hope that everyone's Easter is as fun as Kitsune's!