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Is it a bowl?  Is it a disc?  It's both!  This is the ThrowBowl...

It's made by PAWW, the same company that sells those awesome Pick Pocket Leashes and Pick Pocket Pouches that I've reviewed here before.

The ThrowBowl currently comes in 3 colors - blue, green, and orange.  It is made of a BPA, PC, and phthalate free elastomer (rubber) that is strong, but soft enough that it won't hurt your dog's mouth.  The ThrowBowl currently retails for $18.95.  You can get it through Amazon to take advantage of their free shipping program (if you buy other items so your order comes to over $25), or directly from PAWW's website.

The ThrowBowl is pretty cool.  The side of the bowl can be folder over on itself to make the lip of the bowl shorter, making it a perfect frisbee!

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Some of you may remember that awhile back I wrote a review for the PAWW Pick Pocket Pouch.  The awesome people at PAWW recently sent me their Pick Pocket Leash, and a ThrowBowl (look for our ThrowBowl review later on this week) to try out and review.

For those Amazon geeks like myself, the Pick Pocket Leash retails on for around $30.  On the PAWW website (link above) it's about the same price.  The leash comes in 5 different colors - red, black, blue, green, and orange.  It's a 5' leash with the handle clipped, and is made from very strong ripstop nylon and lightweight polyester mesh.  The leash is lightweight, but seems to be very strong.  It also has some awesome, very innovative features that I've never experienced on a leash before.

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Photo By: Bill McChesney

Yahoo News posted an article last Tuesday about the growing trend of using veterinarians who make house calls over traditional vets. I personally found the article interesting, mostly due to the fact that, for a couple of weeks now, I've had an add for a vet that makes house calls displayed on my refrigerator.

Anyways, with my dog's yearly check up fast approaching, the idea of a vet who makes house calls intrigued me. Apparently, according to the Yahoo article, I'm not the only one. The article reports that vets who make house calls rather than working in a traditional veterinarian clinic are a growing trend. There are many reasons why having the vet come to your pet may be beneficial.

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Kitsune received his August BarkBox  this past Monday.  He was VERY happy when he realized that the box at the door was for him!  I let him open the box himself again.  It's so cute watching him opening his own mail.

Not that the BarkBox we received last month was bad, but I think Kitsune enjoyed this months a lot more.  He could actually eat more of the treats, and he enjoyed the plush toy they sent this month a lot more than the plastic(?) one he got last month.  This was what he got this month...

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Tanimura & Antel Inc. has issued a voluntary recall of over 2,000 cases of Field Fresh Wrapped Single Head Romaine Lettuce.  Cases of lettuce involved in the recall were shipped to NJ, NY, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA, AL, AR, AZ, CA, GA, KA, KY, MD, NC, NM, NV, and Puerto Rico. Pet owners who feed romaine lettuce to their pets are reminded that recalls such as this can affect animals as well as humans.

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