Today is the Chinese new year. This year it is the year of the rabbit! Rabbits, in Chinese culture, are said to bring about good luck. They represent the moon, and are a symbol of longevity, beauty, and wealth. Those are all great things. Unfortunately, holidays featuring rabbits have become notoriously bad luck for the rabbits themselves.
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According to The American Pet Product Association, in 2010 American pet owners will spend an estimated $47.7 billion on their pets! Pets have become a normal part of American society. With that in mind, many owners will soon be looking for holiday gifts for their furry friends.

My dog, Kitsune, just so happens to be an expert when it comes to dog toys! If you're looking for Christmas present ideas for a dog who also enjoys toys, you might consider some of the toys on this list.
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If you're looking for an alternative to giving your dogs table scraps this Thanksgiving, consider making them homemade treats! They're fun and easy to make, and your dog will love them! These Thanksgiving themed treats are grain free, and are a healthier way to give your pet a taste of Thanksgiving food this holiday season! ...continue reading "Homemade Grain Free Thanksgiving Dog Treats"



Long ears, soft fur, cotton tails, wiggly noses...Have you ever heard of a long eared chicken? No? That's probably because there is no such species. However, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) categorizes rabbits as poultry, effectively denying them protection under the 1958 Humane Methods of Slaughter Act (HSA). The Humane Methods of Slaughter Act helps to protect livestock from needless suffering during slaughter. However, the act excludes animals categorized as poultry, including rabbits. ...continue reading "Rabbits are Classified as Poultry by the USDA, Denying Them the Right of a Humane Death"



Most people, at one time or another, have walked into a pet store to be greeted by a shelf full of colorful fish in tiny plastic cups. Betta splendens, more commonly known as Bettas or Siamese Fighting Fish, are a common sight in pet stores across the country. Unsuspecting buyers are often attracted by the fish's bright colors, and affordable prices. But just like any other pet, it's important to do your research and learn the care needs of these beautiful fish before you bring one home. Bettas are probably the most recognized fish in the pet hobby, but are also the most commonly misunderstood.

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