A quick video of Kit enjoying Easter morning!

Yeah I went a bit overboard. The Easter bunny brought Kit 3 new toys and 2 packages of chews. He also hid treat filled Easter eggs around our living room. Kit had a great time searching for all the eggs and playing with his new toys! Now that he's worn out and napping, I can think about starting Easter dinner.

I hope that everyone's Easter is as fun as Kitsune's!

I seem to be slacking on Fridays and keep forgetting to post Kitsune's Friday video on Friday. This week his video is a bit boring perhaps but I thought it was cute and appropriate considering this Sunday is Easter...

I love that Kitsune's such a good boy around other, even much smaller animals. He's met things like tiny mice, lizards, turtles, frogs, rabbits, etc and is always so well behaved around them. The curious thing is that despite all that he still insists on trying to chase the squirrels at the park!

Anyways I hope that everyone has an amazing Easter weekend! We have some fun stuff planned for Kitsune for tomorrow, I'll have to post some pictures and maybe a video of him enjoying the holiday!

Between now and April 30th, if you like the pet forum Beast Boards on Facebook you have a chance to win a 2.5 ounce medium sized single Himalayan Dog Chew!

For those of you who don't know about these chews click here to read more about them.

Kitsune looooves these chews! We call them "cheese chews", and try to keep them in stock for Kit all the time. Here he is enjoying one...

Here's the link to Beast Board's Facebook page.

All you have to do for a chance to win the chewie is to like them on Facebook! Visit Beast Boards for more information.

Hard to believe that it's April 1st already! This year is flying by! I decided to be nice this year (so far at least) and haven't played any April fools jokes on anyone. But just to show some April Fool's Day spirit, here's a funny set of pictures I took of Kitsune the other day!

If you can't tell, Kitsune got into the container of baby powder that we keep underneath our bathroom sink. He was doing his best to act innocent, despite the fact that he was covered in powder and I found a paw print trail going from our bathroom into the living room, where Kitsune just happened to be hanging out, covered head to toe in baby powder! I was too busy laughing at him and trying to get funny pictures to be upset at all. Although I was a bit worried that maybe breathing in all that powder wasn't very good for him. Luckily a few days and a bath later, Kitsune is acting like his perfectly normal, goofball self.


Yvaine, one of my two African Clawed Frog sisters, passed away this afternoon around 3pm from a bacterial infection that progressed very quickly. She seemed normal when I checked on her and her sister last night, but looked a bit off (but still not horrible) this morning. I moved her into a quarantine/hospital tank as soon as I noticed something was off, and she pretty much went from just acting slightly off this morning to dying this afternoon. It all happened very quickly. ...continue reading "Rest in Peace Yvaine"


Today is the Chinese new year. This year it is the year of the rabbit! Rabbits, in Chinese culture, are said to bring about good luck. They represent the moon, and are a symbol of longevity, beauty, and wealth. Those are all great things. Unfortunately, holidays featuring rabbits have become notoriously bad luck for the rabbits themselves.
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According to The American Pet Product Association, in 2010 American pet owners will spend an estimated $47.7 billion on their pets! Pets have become a normal part of American society. With that in mind, many owners will soon be looking for holiday gifts for their furry friends.

My dog, Kitsune, just so happens to be an expert when it comes to dog toys! If you're looking for Christmas present ideas for a dog who also enjoys toys, you might consider some of the toys on this list.
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If you're looking for an alternative to giving your dogs table scraps this Thanksgiving, consider making them homemade treats! They're fun and easy to make, and your dog will love them! These Thanksgiving themed treats are grain free, and are a healthier way to give your pet a taste of Thanksgiving food this holiday season! ...continue reading "Homemade Grain Free Thanksgiving Dog Treats"



Long ears, soft fur, cotton tails, wiggly noses...Have you ever heard of a long eared chicken? No? That's probably because there is no such species. However, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) categorizes rabbits as poultry, effectively denying them protection under the 1958 Humane Methods of Slaughter Act (HSA). The Humane Methods of Slaughter Act helps to protect livestock from needless suffering during slaughter. However, the act excludes animals categorized as poultry, including rabbits. ...continue reading "Rabbits are Classified as Poultry by the USDA, Denying Them the Right of a Humane Death"